Friday, December 17, 2021

Israeli Warplanes Prepare for Simulated Attack on Iran as Nation's Defence Chiefs Meet with US to Plan 'worst-case scenario' Destruction of Tehran's Nuclear Facilities; Iran Warns Against Reported US-Israeli Drills Prepping Attack On Nuke Sites; Biden Admin Rejects Israel's Plan

Israeli warplanes prepare for simulated attack on Iran as nation's defence chiefs meet with US to plan 'worst-case scenario' destruction of Tehran's nuclear facilities:
Israel is preparing for an aerial training mission that will simulate an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, as the country's defence chiefs meet with their US counterparts to plan their next moves should negotiation with Tehran fail.
The Israeli exercise will take place next year and involve F-35 stealth bombers accompanied by F-16 and F-15 fighters flying 600 miles out over the Mediterranean to replicate the distance required to strike nuclear targets in Iran.
News of the drill emerged ahead of a meeting between Israeli defence minister Benny Gantz and US defence chiefs today, with sources saying the two sides will discuss joint drills designed to prepare for strikes on Iran if they become necessary.
Zeev Elkin, Israel's housing an construction minister, said the aim of the exercises is to 'prepare for every eventuality' before adding: 'We will not allow Iran to go nuclear'.
Israel and Iran have been at loggerheads for decades over Tehran's nuclear ambitions, with the latter insisting the technology will be use for peaceful purposes while the former says it will be used for a weapon aimed at them. --->READ MORE HERE
Iran Warns Against Reported US-Israeli Drills Prepping Attack On Nuke Sites:
On Saturday a top Iranian military official warned Tel Aviv and Washington against planned-for joint military drills that would simulate attacks on Iran. Reuters earlier in the week reported that Israeli Defense Minister Benjamin Gantz and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had met to discuss possible joint 'counter-Iran' exercises, with Israeli media reports suggesting they already might be taking place.
"Providing conditions for military commanders to test Iranian missiles with real targets will cost the aggressors a heavy price," the unnamed military official was cited in state media as saying.
US officials have lately described the Biden administration has a 'plan B' in place should Vienna negotiations fail to produce any breakthrough - which suggests even more sanctions but also possible military strike options against Iran nuclear facilities. Some in the administration worry that this occasional "mowing the grass" will in the end to little to deter Iran's program - instead they fear it could only hasten Tehran's pursuit of a bomb.
Currently the concern is that Iran may soon reach uranium enrichment and centrifuge capabilities that cannot be reversed. "Iran has been enriching uranium up to 20-percent purity with 166 advanced machines at its Fordow plant, the International Atomic Energy Agency said," The Hill noted on Saturday. --->READ MORE HERE
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