Sunday, December 26, 2021

COVID COMING ATTRACTIONS? Swedes Are Implanting Microchip Vaccine Passports. It Won’t Stop There; WATCH: Microchip Embedded in Skin Can be Scanned for COVID Vaccine Passport Status, and other C-Virus related stories

Swedes Are Implanting Microchip Vaccine Passports. It Won’t Stop There:
If military strategists, corporate elites, and government officials are taking the prospect of implanting humans with biotech seriously, so should we.
Last week, the world glimpsed a future in which vaccine passports are implanted under the skin. A viral video from South China Morning Post profiled a Swedish start-up hub, Epicenter, that injects its employees with microchips.
“Right now it is very convenient to have a COVID passport always accessible on your implant,” its chief disruption officer, Hannes Sjöblad, told the interviewer. Oddly enough, he repeatedly spoke of chipping “arms” when we clearly see a woman opening doors with her hand.
Two years earlier, Sjöblad told ITV, “I want us humans to open up and improve our sensory universe, our cognitive functions. … I want to merge humans with technology and I think it will be awesome.”
Naturally, some Christians see the Mark of the Beast. In a sane world, the idea of having your hand chipped to access public goods or private property—to receive a mark in order to “buy, sell, or trade”—should alarm anyone, regardless of religious persuasion. The same goes for using an implanted brain-computer interface to access the digital realm, as Elon Musk plans to do with Neuralink. --->READ MORE HERE
WATCH: Microchip embedded in skin can be scanned for COVID vaccine passport status:
Swedish tech startup Epicenter has developed microchip technology that may be used to store and display a person's vaccination status, a video from the South China Morning Post shows.
The outlet's video went viral last week, currently boasting 2.4 million views on Twitter. The video features DSruptive CEO Hannes Sjöblad, who founded the Swedish Association of Biohackers. Sjöblad demonstrates how Epicenter's microchip, embedded in the skin, can be scanned for data, including one's vaccination status.
The company has been developing the technology used in the chip for years. The chip can be implanted in the arm or between the index finger and thumb, and the procedure to implant the rice-sized device is completely reversible, the company says. --->READ MORE HERE
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