Sunday, December 5, 2021

City Council Likely to Pass Legislation Permitting Noncitizens the Right to Vote in Local Elections; Allowing Foreign Citizens to Vote in US Elections is a Rotten Idea

Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez via Twitter
City Council Likely to Pass Legislation Permitting Noncitizens the Right to Vote in Local Elections:
New York City is on track to allow noncitizens the right to vote in local elections.
City lawmakers will likely pass legislation next month that will give the city’s more than 800,000 green card holders and authorized workers the right to partake in municipal elections.
The bill’s prime sponsor Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez — who emigrated from the Dominican Republic at 18 and is a former green card holder himself — announced Tuesday that the council will vote on the legislation on Dec. 9. He made the announcement during a rally in support of the bill outside City Hall.
The legislation, titled “Our City, Our Vote”, has been sponsored by 34 of the 51 council members and has the backing of the public advocate. The bill has a veto-proof majority.
The new law would make New York City the largest municipality in the country permitting noncitizens the right to vote in local elections, according to the New York Times. --->READ MORE HERE
Allowing foreign citizens to vote in US elections is a rotten idea:
Approximately 808,000 “non-citizens” may vote in future New York City elections if the City Council welcomes them to do so as early as December. These potential new members of the electorate would include Green Card holders and those with certain work permits.
This is a rotten idea. However, love or hate it, everyone at least should debate this concept with maximum precision.
These 808,000 potential new voters are not non-citizens. The computer on which I write these words is a non-citizen. So is the medium via which you are reading them right now.
Rather than non-citizens, these people are foreign citizens. While they are not American citizens, they remain citizens of the foreign nations from whence they came — Mexico, Haiti, Russia, Singapore, New Zealand, and dozens more.
Every human is a citizen of some country. A human non-citizen is not a thing.
So, pro or con, all discussions of this brainstorm should reflect what’s at stake:
The New York City Council aims to dilute the local votes of American citizens by extending the franchise to 808,000 foreign citizens. This would include letting approximately 117,500 citizens of Red China select the mayors, City Council members, district attorneys, and other officials of America’s most-populous municipality.
There really is no bottom to the depravity and evil of the Democrat Party, most of whose local members cheer this proposal. But astonishingly, and to his rare credit, Gotham’s far-left Mayor Bill de Blasio is not among them. --->READ MORE HERE
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