Saturday, December 25, 2021

Chicago Mayor Who Pushed $80M Defund of Cops Now Pleads for Feds to Save City; A Good Start Would Be Changing Policies that Allowed This to Happen: At Least 60 Felons Charged with Violent Crimes While Out on Bond in Chicago in 2021

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Chicago mayor who pushed $80M defund of cops now pleads for feds to save city:
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot — who last year proposed cutting $80 million from her city’s police budget — publicly pleaded with the feds on Monday to bolster the ranks of her city’s cops amid a surge in shootings and homicides.
Lightfoot called on Attorney General Merrick Garland to send agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to the Windy City for a six-month crackdown on illegal guns.
“We cannot continue to endure the level of violence that we are now experiencing,” Lightfoot said during a 40-minute speech.
“I feel the urgency every day.”
The desperation move made Lightfoot — who’s said she opposes the “defund the police” movement — the second big-city Democratic mayor in days to announce dramatic steps to restore law and order as crime spirals out of control.
On Dec. 14, progressive San Francisco Mayor London Breed — who last year pledged to shift $120 million from the city’s law-enforcement budget to social spending — reversed course during a speech in which she vowed to end “the reign of criminals who are destroying our city.” --->READ MORE HERE
At least 60 felons charged with violent crimes while out on bond in Chicago in 2021:
Roughly five dozen felons in Chicago who had been released on bond were rearrested in 2021 on charges related to violent crimes.
At least 60 felons were arrested and charged with violent crimes while out on bond awaiting their trials, according to reports.
They stand accused of murder, attempted murder, and several shootings.
The felons allegedly targeted about 92 people in Chicago as they roamed free on bail. --->READ MORE HERE
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