Friday, December 17, 2021

Biden Appears to Laugh Off Question About COVID-19 Deaths; Biden Smirks When Post Asks About Pushing China for Transparency After 800K COVID Deaths, and other C-Virus related stories

Biden appears to laugh off question about COVID-19 deaths:
President Joe Biden appeared to smile and walk away from a reporter when asked if he had any responsibility for the United States surpassing 800,000 COVID-19 deaths this week.
The reporter also asked him about pushing China to be more transparent about the origins of COVID-19. Biden did not appear to answer the question during the exchange, though he did answer questions from other reporters.
"800,000 coronavirus deaths — do you have a statement on your responsibility?" the reporter asked him. "And why haven't you asked China to do more, to be transparent on the origins?"
The exchange came when President Biden was getting ready to leave for Kentucky to tour damage from the recent tornado storm. --->READ MORE HERE
Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Biden smirks when Post asks about pushing China for transparency after 800K COVID deaths:
President Biden smirked and walked away Wednesday when The Post asked why he hasn’t done more to push China to be transparent on the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Biden was stone-faced when asked about his own responsibility for the US crossing 800,000 pandemic deaths — before breaking into a broad grin when asked about China.
“On 800,000 coronavirus deaths, do you have a statement on your responsibility, and why haven’t you asked China to do more to be transparent on the [virus] origins?” The Post asked the president on the White House lawn.
Biden, departing to tour tornado damage in Kentucky, gave no answer as he smiled and waved off the question. It was the only query to which he did not verbally respond.
The president gave a similar reaction to The Post on Nov. 8, when he also listened to an inquiry about pushing China for answers before walking away. --->READ MORE HERE
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