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What We’ll Never Know About COVID-19; Lab leak or Animal Transmission? Report Says, US Intelligence Won't Likely Determine COVID-19 Origins, and other C-Virus related stories

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What we’ll never know about COVID-19:
The CDC isn't tracking or telling us a great number of things
First of two parts
The COVID-19 pandemic has often seemed tailor-made for the information age, generating a flurry of daily statistics for people to perpetually gnaw on like cud. That data was supposed to at once inform the public and justify wide-ranging government intervention.
Thanks to political, media and corporate agendas, what the public has received is a mere patina of transparency. The numbers we’ve relied upon are incomplete, manipulated or outright misinformation.
Despite the real reputational risks, Americans must embrace our proud legacy of questioning authority even though there are some questions we may never be able to answer. Here are just a few of them. More to come next week.
What is the true mortality rate?
Misrepresentation of the cause of death in hospital records makes it nearly impossible to determine a valid mortality rate, though it is likely much lower than the government has indicated. Because hospitals receive greater reimbursements from insurance companies for COVID-19 patients, any patient who dies in the hospital, whether COVID-19 was the cause of death or not, is reported as a COVID-19 death. For instance, a COVID-19 positive patient who dies in the emergency room from injuries suffered in a car accident is often reported to the government as a COVID-19 death.
How many people have actually had COVID-19 and recovered? --->READ MORE HERE
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Lab leak or animal transmission? US intelligence won't likely determine COVID-19 origins, report says
Barring an unforeseen breakthrough, intelligence agencies won’t be able to conclude whether COVID-19 spread by animal-to-human transmission or leaked from a lab, officials said Friday in releasing a fuller version of their review into the origins of the pandemic
The paper issued by the Director of National Intelligence elaborates on findings released in August of a 90-day review ordered by President Joe Biden. That review said that U.S. intelligence agencies were divided on the origins of the virus but that analysts do not believe the virus was developed as a bioweapon and that most agencies believe the virus was not genetically engineered.
China has resisted global pressure to cooperate fully with investigations into the pandemic or provide access to genetic sequences of coronaviruses kept at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which remains a subject of speculation for its research and reported safety problems. Biden launched the review amid growing momentum for the theory –initially broadly dismissed by experts – that the virus leaked from the Wuhan lab. --->READ MORE HERE
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