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Vaccinated? None of Your Freaking Business; Los Angeles Firefighter Accused of Wiping Butt With COVID Non-Compliance Letter, and other C-Virus related stories

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Vaccinated? None of your freaking business:
Once upon a time, the personal and private health records and choices of free American citizens were just that — personal and private.
Thanks to the largely drummed-up fears about the coronavirus, one of today’s most common questions: Are you vaccinated?
And failure to see the long-term danger to civil liberties in a question that to many seems innocuous is to help those who are trying to shape this nation into something it’s not — into something more sinister, less free, more communist, less individualist, more collectivist in nature.
Quit asking about vaccination status.
Quit answering about vaccination status.
We’ve come to a point in America where family, friends and strangers alike this it’s A-OK to pry into private citizens’ personal medical records to draw conclusions that aren’t even based on science or fact. --->READ MORE HERE
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Los Angeles firefighter accused of wiping butt with COVID non-compliance letter:
A Los Angeles firefighter allegedly responded to getting a COVID-19 vaccination non-compliance letter by wiping his buttocks with it and throwing it to the ground.
A group that represents African Americans in the Los Angeles Fire Department said the smoke eater dropped his pants and wiped the letter against his backside leaving a visible mark before tossing it, according to LA Times.
“The department is aware of the seriousness of the allegations and took immediate action upon learning of this incident,” LAFD spokeswoman Cheryl Getuiza told the LA Times., declining to comment further on the Nov. 18 incident.
Getuiza confirmed that the firefighter is currently on paid administrative leave and “will face the consequences of any inappropriate acts,” but would not elaborate on his reason for leave, according to The Times. --->READ MORE HERE
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