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The Rittenhouse Prosecution Is Not Going So Well; Kenosha Detective Admits Kyle Rittenhouse Only Shot People Chasing Him; It's Okay to Laugh: Political Persecution of Kyle Rittenhouse Self-Destructs

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The Rittenhouse Prosecution Is Not Going So Well:
Today, the judge dismissed a minor charge against Kyle Rittenhouse. The prosecution had charged Rittenhouse with violating Kenosha’s curfew that fateful night, but failed to document the curfew’s existence before resting its case. Whoops.
It’s a small thing, but it’s generally representative of how this trial has been going.
Rittenhouse killed two people, injured a third, and took shots at a fourth; prosecutors allege that none of this was justifiable. He’s also accused of endangering a bystander via one of the shootings and violating Wisconsin’s gun laws, bringing the remaining charges up to six in total. And of course, legalities aside, his decision at the age of 17 to head to the scene of a likely riot with a gun was idiotic and dangerous. If the jury dislikes even one shot he fired, he could do serious time.
But the prosecution’s own witnesses kept saying things that helped the defense. Richie McGinnis, a Daily Caller videographer, testified that the first person Rittenhouse shot had chased him and lunged for his weapon. (When a prosecutor tried to cast doubt on whether McGinnis could know what the guy was trying to do, he memorably replied, “Uh, well, he said ‘[f***] you,’ and then he reached for the weapon.”) Gaige Grosskreutz, the armed man Rittenhouse shot in the bicep, admitted that Rittenhouse had not fired when he had his hands up, and shot only when Grosskreutz’s own gun was pointed at Rittenhouse. --->READ MORE HERE
WATCH: Kenosha Detective Admits Kyle Rittenhouse Only Shot People Chasing Him:
Kenosha Police Department Detective Ben Antaramian, a prosecution witness, admitted under cross-examination Monday in Kenosha County Court that Kyle Rittenhouse only shot people who chased him through the streets during Black Lives Matter riots last Aug. 25.
Rittenhouse, who was 17 at the time, is on trial for murder and related charges after shooting and killing two people and wounding another in a melee shortly before midnight. Rittenhouse’s lawyers say that he was acting in self-defense.
Earlier in the day, Gaige Grosskreutz, the man who was wounded and survived, admitted under cross-examination by defense attorney Corey Chirafisi that he had pulled his own gun first, and had pointed it at Rittenhouse, on the ground.
The prosecution then called Detective Antaramian, and Chirafisi went to work again, eliciting an admission that police declined to execute a search warrant on Grosskreutz, and that Rittenhouse had only shot people who were pursuing him.
Chirafisi systematically worked through the other possibilities: “You’d agree there are multiple times, based on the surrounding circumstances, that he doesn’t pull the trigger, right?” After Antaramian seemed reluctant to agree, Chirafisi cited an example in which an unarmed person ran up to Rittenhouse, and then stepped back, and the latter did not fire.
The cross-examination continued: --->READ MORE HERE
It's Okay to Laugh: Political Persecution of Kyle Rittenhouse Self-Destructs:
In a sane country, the six-letter agencies would be at war over who gets to recruit the Kenosha Kid to do the wet work and eradicate America’s enemies. But we live in Brandon World, where good is evil and evil is good, and where our “public servants” do more damage to the U.S. than our fiercest enemies could if they tried. Thus, our best hope for emotional survival until the 2022 midterms is to get clown-pilled and laugh whenever we get the chance.
And yesterday’s prosecution self-immolation at the Rittenhouse trial is one of those magnificent inflection points that we simply must pause to appreciate. So go ahead and laugh—we’ve earned this.
First, the background. In case you missed yesterday’s courtroom drama, take a moment to review PJ colleague Victoria Taft’s coverage.
All caught up? Good. Now set your beverage down so you don’t soak your screen, scroll, and enjoy. --->READ MORE HERE
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