Saturday, November 6, 2021

The Current Chaos: Incompetence or By Design? A Reflection on Deliberate Destruction

In a 2015 piece, I suggested that the chaos resulting from President Obama’s destructive policies was deliberate. I wrote that Obama and his advisors wanted to weaken America’s global position, wanted to encourage racial division, and wanted to overload the immigration system.
But how about Joe Biden? Biden not only revived many of Obama’s initiatives, he added dozens more. Biden has wreaked more destruction in eight months than Obama could manage in eight years.
Once again, however, we must ask if this destruction is deliberate. Perhaps, as many suggest, the recent rapid descent of America is the result of incompetence rather than careful deliberation. Because of his cognitive difficulties, it now appears that Biden is simply not up to the job. Moreover, many of his appointees also seem incompetent. Pete Buttigieg doesn’t seem to be up to the job of Transportation Secretary, Lloyd Austin doesn’t inspire much confidence as Secretary of Defense, and Merrick Garland seems better suited to the office of Chief Inquisitor than to the office of Attorney General. And so on down the line. Most of Biden’s appointments seem to have been selected for reasons of ideology rather than competence. To top it off, should Biden be removed for incompetence, he will be replaced by a woman who seems to be the most incompetent vice president of all time.
On the other hand, by the laws of probability, Biden’s advisors and appointees can’t all be incompetent. After all, many of them are retreads from the Obama administration. And Obama, according to some, was just about the smartest president to ever occupy the White House.
Besides, you don’t need a high IQ to recognize that some policies are just plain dumb. Currently, we are experiencing high inflation due in part to a disruption in the “supply chain.” But supply and demand is a fairly simple concept. You don’t need a Ph.D. in economics to understand the basics. If you cancel pipelines and cut back on coal and oil production—as Biden has done—the price of gas at the pump will go up. Either Biden and Buttigieg don’t understand that, or else they don’t care about the financial strain on average Americans. Perhaps their refined nostrils are offended by the smell of gasoline engines. In the 18th century, the elites said “Let them eat cake;” now they say, “Let them drive electric cars.”
There is, undoubtedly, a great deal of incompetence in the Biden administration, but not enough to account for the escalating damage to America. For one thing, it’s not just the administration that has imposed a totalitarian order on the American people; Our new set of rulers also includes the media, corporations, academics, medical professionals, school boards, and state and local governments. In addition, the new totalitarianism is not confined to America; it’s spreading to once-democratic nations all over the world.
Moreover, the destructive new woke order is simply too comprehensive and too interconnected to be considered the result of random chance or sheer incompetence. One is reminded of the “watchmaker” argument for the existence of God. When you examine a watch with all its intricate complexity, you understand immediately that it couldn’t have come into existence by accident. Someone must have designed it.
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