Thursday, November 25, 2021

The Biden Administration Just Forced Every American Town To Host Illegal Immigrants; Biden’s New Move Makes All of America a Sanctuary State
The Biden administration recently turned nearly every community in America into an illegal alien sanctuary.
Under a new policy, federal immigration law enforcement is now largely prohibited from arresting criminal aliens in your neighborhood if you live near a playground, a recreation center, a school, a place of worship or religious study, a location that offers vaccinations (such as a pharmacy), a community-based organization, any location that hosts weddings (such as a civic center, hotel, or park), any location with a school bus stop, any place “where children gather,” and many more places that are common to most towns.
What used to be safe spaces for law-abiding Americans and vulnerable members of society have been transformed into safe spaces for violent offenders with no right to be in the United States.
The scope is virtually limitless and prohibits all of the authorities of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), such as “arrests, civil apprehensions, searches, inspections, seizures, service of charging documents or subpoenas, interviews, and immigration enforcement surveillance.”
Officers are prohibited from doing their job anywhere “near” a so-called “protected area,” an imprecise standard that Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), admits has “no bright-line definition.” Mayorkas, who outlined the new policy last month, claims that putting a sanctuary in every community is a “noble” way to “advance our country’s well-being” and ensure that illegal aliens have access to “essential services” and can engage in “essential activities.” --->READ MORE HERE
Biden’s New Move Makes All of America a Sanctuary State:
Over 1.7 million illegal alien invaders were caught on the border in the last fiscal year and detentions hit their highest level since the 1986 illegal alien amnesty.
During the election, Biden warned that he couldn't shut down President Trump's immigration enforcement policies right away. “The last thing we need is to say we’re going to stop immediately … and then end up with 2 million people on our border.”
Biden stopped them anyway and we’re less than 300,000 illegal aliens away from 2 million.
And when illegals don’t succeed the first time, they keep trying. A quarter of the invaders captured in September were repeat offenders.
The approximately 147,000 "unaccompanied minors" who were intercepted are the largest number on record. And to reward human traffickers for their use of minors or alleged minors, the Biden administration is proposing to pay invaders who were separated from the minors they were trafficking a sum of $450,000 per minor. That could amount to millions per clan.
All this while Americans can’t afford to buy a home, put gas in their cars, or food on their plates.
There could be no better incentive for illegal aliens to join the mob of border invaders trafficking children as their passports than the promise of million dollar payouts from U.S. taxpayers.
But now the Biden administration is going further by turning America into a sanctuary state.
Sanctuary states and cities had previously tried to force ICE to stop making arrests. Now Biden is giving them what they wanted and making all the country into one giant sanctuary state in blue and red states, in places that want immigration enforcement and those that don’t. --->READ MORE HERE
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