Friday, November 26, 2021

New Poll Shows Americans’ Displeasure with How Biden’s Running the Country; 61% of Americans ‘Disapprove’ of His Handling of Economy; Over 6-in-10 Americans Oppose His $450K for Border Crossers; His Approval Rating Hits New Low of 36%

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New poll shows Americans’ displeasure with how Biden’s running the country:
A new survey released Sunday reflects Americans’ deep discontent with how President Biden is running the country — as only a paltry 4 percent believe things in America are going “very well.”
While the CBS News/YouGov poll pegs Biden’s job approval rating at 44 percent, which is higher than some other recent surveys, it also shows that he gets negative scores for his handling of inflation (67 percent), immigration (64 percent), the economy (61 percent), foreign policy (58 percent), and race relations (56 percent).
Biden is in positive territory for his distribution of the coronavirus vaccine — 53 percent.
Asked how they thought things were going in America, 70 percent say “somewhat” or “very badly,” while only 30 percent opt for “very” or “somewhat well.”
On the nation’s economy, the poll said 64 percent went with “fairly” or “very bad,” as opposed to the 30 percent who say it’s “very” or “fairly good.” --->READ MORE HERE
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Poll: 61 Percent of Americans ‘Disapprove’ of Biden’s Handling of Economy:
A CBS/YouGov poll published November 21 shows Americans are feeling the effects of President Joe Biden’s struggling economy.
The poll registered Biden’s overall job approval rating at 44 percent, as the majority of respondents disapprove of Biden’s performance at 56 percent. Eighty percent of Democrats approve of Biden’s handling of the presidency, while just five percent of Republicans approve. Of independents, 39 percent approve of the president’s performance, and 61 percent disapprove.
The survey reveals that 39 percent of respondents approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, while 61 percent of participants disapprove. Seventy-three percent of Democrats approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, while just six percent of Republicans approve. In terms of independents, 32 percent approve of the president’s job on the economy, and 68 percent disapprove.
Four percent of respondents classified “the condition of the national economy today” as “very good.” Twenty-six percent rated the condition of the national economy as “fairly good,” while 33 percent stated it was “fairly bad.” Thirty-one percent labeled it “very bad,” and six percent were “not sure.” --->READ MORE HERE
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