Saturday, November 20, 2021

Kamala Goes Back to Calling Biden a Racist; Would Biden Really Pick Kamala Harris for Supreme Court to Get Rid of Her?

Kamala Goes Back to Calling Biden a Racist
The racist one-trick pony goes back to her one trick.
Kamala Devi Harris doesn’t know a whole lot, but she knows how to play a race card that the child of wealthy foreign students, the Montreal educated daughter raised by a Brahmin Indian mother, the San Francisco socialite, and Brentwood resident married to a Jewish entertainment industry lawyer, is even less entitled to than its previous career abuser, Barack Hussein Obama.
When Kamala tried to force Biden out of the race and take his black supporters, she accused him of racism for opposing busing. This false claim was backed by her even more preposterous contention that being bused through the segregated Mason-Dixon line of Berkeley was the only reason she ever achieved her current career. Willie Brown could not be reached for comment.
Did Kamala believe her own accusation? When she was being interviewed by Biden’s vice presidential search committee, “She laughed and said, ‘that’s politics.’ She had no remorse.”
Kamala’s cynical race gambit or, more accurately, Biden’s weak and inept reaction to it, temporarily shook up the race, but black voters proved to be more loyal to the Democrat establishment and returned to Biden leaving Kamala with nothing except wasted millions.
As voters turned on her, Kamala responded by accusing them of being sexists and racists.
"Is America ready for that? Are they ready for a woman of color to be President of the United States?" she whined.
They certainly weren't ready for Kamala who polled at 2% among women and 4% among black voters. Black voters backed Biden and torpedoed her presidential path to the White House.
After raising $36 million and dropping out without facing a single primary, Kamala was picked as the number two for a confused old white man. So what were the odds that she would go back to calling him a racist at the first sign of trouble? Much like the story of the scorpion and the frog, or the farmer and the viper, Kamala is a poisonous creature with only one brand of venom. --->READ THE REST from Daniel Greenfield HERE
This is how some political insiders think Joe Biden could get rid of Kamala Harris as VP
Some political insiders have an idea of how President Joe Biden can remove Kamala Harris as Vice President— and it involves her receiving a Supreme Court vacancy.
A recent report from CNN spoke on the exasperations and tensions between her operation and Biden’s team and their strained personal relationship.
The “nearly three dozen” current and former insiders commentary provided to CNN to the outlet gave insight into the “complex reality” of the White House.
Some people in the vice president’s circle said that she is “being sidelined.”
Harris told numerous people close to her that she feels “constrained in what she’s able to do politically.” --->READ MORE HERE
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