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Joe Biden and John Kerry’s Green Great Reset Punishes America, Rewards China

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Western Guilt and the Great Reset
Here’s the bottom line on the just-ended COP 26, the international climate change conference that’s been meeting for the last two weeks in Glasgow, Scotland.
The Biden administration, speaking for the United States, has committed itself to substantial cuts in carbon dioxide emissions in the coming decades; as President Biden himself said in Glasgow on November 1, the U.S. will commit to 50-52 percent reductions in CO2 from 2005 levels by the year 2030.
Biden further pledged a “net-zero emissions economy” by no later than 2050. These promises, Biden added, “will demonstrate to the world” that the U.S. is “not only back at the table” but will “hopefully lead by the power of our example.” And as we have already seen, the Biden administration is fully intent on “leading” by shutting down, as best it can, American carbon-energy supplies.
But here’s a question: Which countries will be led “by the power of our example” on downward CO2? The countries that emit the most CO2 and that are still planning to emit more? Or the countries that are already reducing their CO2?
As a matter of climate mathematics, it’s obvious that if the countries that emit the most continue to emit—and even grow to emit even more—then it doesn’t really matter what the reduction-minded countries do.
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If the real goal is to cut CO2, then it would be obvious that the big emitters—and even bigger future emitters—should be called out. Yet that didn’t happen, because that’s not how the COP process works.
You see, COP—the first Conference of the Parties was held in Berlin in 1995–is really about two things: first, the guilt feelings of Westerners; and second, the Great Reset. (Breitbart News has lovingly—okay, not so lovingly—chronicled this Great Reset, first conceived by the founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, the reigning King of Davos.)
These two thoughts—feeling guilty about the last three centuries of Western economic growth, and the desire to Reset the West along progressive lines—are combined in the person of John Kerry, the Biden administration’s climate envoy.
In fact, to say that Kerry is an envoy is to drastically understate his power.
Being a green billionaire himself (he married well), Kerry represents the interests of the entire green-billionaire donor class, which is the greatest single power in today’s Democratic Party. So if you ever wonder why Middle Class Joe let himself get talked into all this green stuff, it’s because, in many ways, Upper Class John outranks him. (We can save the fact that Kerry is a private-jet-flying, yacht-sailing, multiple-house owning, CO2-spewing hypocrite for another time.)
Because COP is really a plaything for rich leftists—Al Gore was a driving force in its launch back when he was vice president, before he, too, became a green plutocrat—it checks all the boxes of Western progressivism. It focuses on the alleged sins of the West (defined as the U.S. the European Union, and a handful of other countries whose leaders think along the same liberal lines—at least for now) and ignores the violations of everyone else. As a result, COP is a hammer with which to clobber the real enemy: the American middle class, including, of course, all those Trumpy Deplorables.
So when the Biden administration dismisses concerns about inflation or shortages, please know that it’s really all part of a plan—a plan to get Americans used to having less. That’s the Great Reset as it applies to Main Street; John Kerry’s favorite summer haunt, Martha’s Vineyard is, of course, a different story.
In pursuit of this Resetting, the West will spend trillions to further reduce its already falling CO2 emissions, while the rest of the world will do little or nothing, except maybe collect still more trillions in special climate aid.
To illustrate, let’s take a closer look at the climate math.
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