Thursday, November 18, 2021

COMING ATTRACTIONS(?): Attempted Liverpool Cathedral Bomber Was Iraqi Refugee; ‘Suicide Bomber Was Christian Convert’. My Arse, He Was…; Church of England Under Scrutiny for Converting Asylum Seekers Following Liverpool Bombing

Attempted Liverpool Cathedral Bomber Was Iraqi Refugee:
If you want less political terror, stop taking in political refugees from terror states.
A growing number of European Islamic terrorist attacks have been carried out by "refugees" from middle eastern countries. And while the perps are inevitably described as "mentally ill", the pattern here isn't hard to spot.
Enzo Almeni, 32, arrived in the UK from Iraq several years ago and converted from Islam to Christianity in 2017 at the cathedral it is believed he wanted to attack yesterday.
Did he convert or was he casing the joint?
Catholics generally don't try to blow up cathedrals, but Muslim terrorists in Europe have a consistent track record of cathedral terror plots. Since Sharia insists that no infidel building can be taller than a mosque, and since Islam is fundamentally a form of religious warfare, it's not surprising that Emad Jamil Al-Swealmeen would have wanted to target a cathedral. --->READ MORE HERE
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Delingpole: ‘Suicide Bomber Was Christian Convert’. My Arse, He Was…
‘Suicide Bomber Was Christian Convert’ claimed the MSM headlines yesterday. No, he wasn’t. The Liverpool bomber, we now know, was just another failed asylum seeker gaming the system with the disgraceful and inexcusable complicity of the Church of England.
His name was Emad Al Swealmeen and, as Kurt Zindulka reported for Breitbart, he ‘converted’ to Christianity in order to cheat his way into British citizenship.
In 2014, Emad Al Swealmeen had his first asylum claim rejected. The would-be bomber proceeded to launch “appeal, after appeal” in order to prevent any deportation proceedings. He then underwent a five-week course to convert to Christianity — ultimately confirmed in Liverpool Cathedral in 2017 — to convince immigration authorities that he should be able to stay in the country.
This is a massive scandal. But the scandal is not that Al Swealmeen lied: of course he did, probably on the grounds of taqiyyah. Rather the scandal is that the Established Church, instead of saving souls, is regularly putting them at risk by enabling potential terrorists like Al Swealmeen to slip in through the back door.
If Al Swealmeen had succeeded in blowing up anyone other than himself, it would not be a stretch to say that the Church of England had blood on its hands. --->READ MORE HERE
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Suicide bomber who died when his device blew up outside Liverpool hospital was pizza chef, 32, who fled Middle East and converted to Christianity at cathedral 'he wanted to attack' and was once arrested for carrying a knife

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