Thursday, November 4, 2021

Biden Sends $144 Million Aid to Taliban's Afghanistan; US to Provide Nearly $144 Million MORE in Humanitarian Assistance to Afghanistan

Biden Sends $144 Million Aid to Taliban's Afghanistan:
Democrats fund terrorism the way that Republicans cut taxes. And so the Biden administration is determined to keep sending money to Afghanistan even after the Taliban takeover.
While Americans can't afford to buy a house, put gas in their cars, or food on their plates, Biden's sending $144 million to Afghanistan.
The United States announced Thursday it is providing nearly $144 million in new humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, where millions of people could face acute hunger this winter unless aid arrives soon.

National Security Council spokesperson Emily Horne said in a statement the U.S. assistance will be directed through independent organizations that provide support directly to more than 18.4 million vulnerable Afghans, including Afghan refugees in neighboring countries.
Sending it through "independent organizations" provides plausible deniability when those organizations and their staffers...
1. Pay protection money to the Taliban and possibly even ISIS-K

2. Pay Taliban taxes

3. Hire Taliban personnel and contract with companies either directly controlled by the Taliban or that pay money to the Taliban --->READ MORE HERE
Lorenzo Tugnoli/for The Washington Post
US to provide nearly $144 million more in humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan:
The United States will provide nearly $144 million in new aid to those affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, the White House announced Thursday.
The additional funds will bring the total U.S. aid in the country and for Afghan refugees in that region to nearly $474 million this year, "the largest amount of assistance from any nation," National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horne said in a statement.
The aid will come as more than a half of Afghanistan's population of 40 million are projected to face an "acute" food crisis this winter, according to a recent report from the United Nations' World Food Program and Food and Agriculture Organization. The group warned that many Afghans were facing levels of food insecurity just shy of "famine" conditions and that the situation was likely to worsen.
"Reduced incomes, lower international and domestic remittances and continuing obstacles to humanitarian assistance (many related to the financial crisis and limited physical access during the winter period) are expected to contribute to the deterioration of food security," the report stated. --->READ MORE HERE
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