Sunday, October 10, 2021

What Border Crisis? Biden to Cancel Border Wall Projects in Texas; DHS Mayorkas Cancels Wall Construction That Congress Authorized; 'Impeach Mayorkas': DHS Chief cancels Border Wall Contracts During a Crisis, GOP Calls Him Out, and related stories

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Biden to Cancel Border Wall Projects in Texas:
The Department of Homeland Security plans to terminate all remaining border wall projects in the Border Patrol’s Laredo and Rio Grande Valley Sectors. The projects have been paused since January as the agency pondered a final determination to cancel the projects or allow some to continue. The decision brings finality to all remaining projects in South Texas.
In the Friday announcement, DHS will begin initial preparations to conduct environmental site work and stakeholder outreach on other Congressionally approved border wall projects that the administration cannot cancel unilaterally. The administration promises not to construct any new border barrier systems or execute permanent land acquisition related to these projects. --->READ MORE HERE
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DHS Mayorkas Rejects Congress, Cancels Border Wall Contracts:
The nation’s border chief is cancelling contracts to finish construction of the border wall, even though Congress voted to build the border wall, according to a press release from Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
“They have been directed to build a border wall by Congress [and] they’re just canceling the contracts because they don’t care what Congress does,” said one Hill staffer, who added:
Congress certainly should [sue the agency], but it won’t until after Republicans take back control. The [congressional] Democrats are not interested in [preserving the] powers of Congress unless the President is of a party they don’t like.
However, “the people in South Texas probably can [sue] because they can say they’re the ones being harmed specifically by the Executive Branch not enforcing or not following the law,” the source added.
In general, it is illegal for agencies to refuse to spend appropriated money --->READ MORE HERE
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