Sunday, October 17, 2021

Texas House Passes Bill Banning Students from Competing Against Opposite Sex in Sports; Bill Makes Trans Students Play on Sports Teams According to Birth Gender; An Amended Bill Passes the Texas Senate

Brian Snyder/Reuters
Texas House Passes Bill Banning Students from Competing against Opposite Sex in Sports:
The Texas House of Representatives passed a bill on Friday mandating that transgender athletes participate in school sports teams corresponding to the biological sex listed on their birth certificate.
The bill passed 76–54 after failing to advance on three previous attempts, and will now be sent to the state Senate for deliberation. Representative Valoree Swanson, the bill’s sponsor, said it would protect women and girls from unfair competition.
“This is about protecting the 332,000 girls 7th through 8th grade playing UIL sports in the state of Texas,” Swanson said during floor debate on the measure. “No matter how much a biological male takes suppression hormones they still have a tremendous advantage.”
Representative Julie Johnson, a Democrat, criticized the bill. --->READ MORE HERE
Texas bill makes trans students play on sports teams according to birth gender:
The Republican-controlled Texas House has approved a bill that will make transgender students play on school sports teams based on their biological sex.
House Bill 25 was passed 76-54 on Thursday after Texas lawmakers debated for more than 10 hours.
The proposed legislation means students in K-12 public schools will only be allowed to play on school athletic teams that align with the gender they were assigned at birth.
The bill mainly seeks to prevent transgender girls, who are biologically male, from playing on female sport teams.
It does allow for girls to play on a boys’ team if a female team isn’t available.
The bill, which had already stalled in the House three times, is heading to the Senate, where it is expected to pass. --->READ MORE HERE
Texas Senate passes bill limiting public school student athletes to teams that match their birth gender
The Texas Senate passed a bill Friday night requiring transgender public school athletes to compete on teams that match their birth gender, not the gender they identify with. The controversial bill, which passed in the Texas House on Thursday, will head to Governor Greg Abbott's desk if the House approves an amendment to the legislation's terminology.
Introduced by Representative Valoree Swanson, the measure restricts athletes to playing on teams that match the biological sex listed on an official birth certificate issued at or close to the time of the student's birth. A modified birth certificate will be accepted if it had been changed "to correct a clerical error," the bill states. --->READ MORE HERE
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