Saturday, October 2, 2021

Senate Rules Keeper Rejects Democrats’ ‘Plan B’ to Get Amnesty for ILLEGALS, As Senate Parliamentarian Rejects Amnesty in Plan B, Democrats Start on Plan C; Democrats’ Amnesty Hail Mary: Halt Deportations by Paroling Illegal Aliens

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Senate rules keeper rejects Democrats’ ‘Plan B’ to get amnesty for illegal immigrants:
The Senate‘s parliamentarian shot down a second attempt by Democrats to shoehorn a large amnesty for illegal immigrants into the $3.5 trillion social welfare bill, leaving immigrant-rights advocates fuming and demanding action “by any means necessary.”
Elizabeth MacDonough last week ruled against a first attempt to write language granting a path to citizenship to as many as 8 million illegal immigrant “Dreamers,” people with humanitarian protections and those doing “essential” jobs. This week she ruled against Democrats’ “Plan B” option, which sought to update a registration date in existing law, opening a new window for millions of people to apply to adjust from illegal to legal status.
Sen. Richard Durbin, the Illinois Democrat who is spearheading his party’s efforts, said they will keep trying, but advocates are “devastated.” --->READ MORE HERE
As Senate parliamentarian rejects amnesty in Plan B, Democrats start on Plan C:
The Senate parliamentarian said Wednesday that Democrats’ Plan B to include amnesty for illegal immigrants could not be included in their sweeping social spending budget reconciliation bill.
Democrats had sought to adjust the “green card through registry” date — most recently set at Jan. 1, 1972, during the Reagan administration in 1986 — to 2010, granting a pathway to legal permanent residency to illegal immigrants who can show they came to the United States before 2010.
That date change would be a “lifelong change in circumstances, the value of which vastly outweighs its budgetary impact,” said Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough, according to Roll Call.
Democrats are trying to utilize the budget reconciliation process to push through their budget bill of up to $3.5 trillion worth of social and environmental programs. The process allows them to bypass Republican support due to filibuster rules. --->READ MORE HERE
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Democrats’ Amnesty Hail Mary: Halt Deportations by Paroling Illegal Aliens
Senate Democrats have moved on to crafting third and fourth amnesty proposals after Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough rejected the first two plans they sought to include in their filibuster-proof budget reconciliation package.
On Wednesday, MacDonough crushed a “plan B” amnesty by Democrats that proposed changing the registry date in the Immigration Reform and Control Act’s (IRCA) so that illegal aliens who arrived in the United States before 2010 could secure green cards.
Democrats wanted to include the amnesty into their budget reconciliation, less than two weeks after MacDonough shot down their broader amnesty that would have given green cards to most of the nation’s 11 to 22 million illegal aliens.
Now, Democrats are hinging their agenda on a last-ditch effort to get some form of amnesty approved by MacDonough so they can include it in their budget reconciliation.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Democrats have started crafting plans that would grant parole to most illegal aliens in the U.S. --->READ MORE HERE
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