Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Report: Suspected Cartel Members Wearing Tac Vests and Wielding AK-47s 'taunting' Texas National Guard Troops Near US-Mexico Border; Mexican Cartel Fires Machine Gun Into the US With the Bullets Zipping Just Above a National Guard

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Suspected cartel members wearing tac vests and wielding AK-47s 'taunting' Texas National Guard troops near US-Mexico border: report:
Individuals believed to be cartel members wearing tac vests and carrying AK-47s have reportedly been taunting Texas National Guard troops near the U.S.-Mexico border in recent days, the Texas Department of Public Safety said this week.
The suspected cartel members are reportedly involved in the smuggling and trafficking of migrants who are seeking entry into the United States.
The news provides a snapshot into the danger and difficulty that both National Guardsmen and Border Patrol agents are facing as they try to manage the crisis at America's southern border, which continues to spiral out of control.
Last month, in response to the Biden administration's continued failure to defend the border, Texas law enforcement stepped up to proactively address the situation by deploying National Guardsmen and state law enforcement officials to the border region near Del Rio. Now it appears some of those deployed are under threat.
"In multiple instances over the past several days, Texas DPS tells me suspected cartel gunmen involved in human smuggling have stood in [and] near the Rio Grande in Starr County and taunted TX National Guard soldiers," Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin tweeted Wednesday. --->READ MORE HERE
Mexican cartel fires machine gun into the US with the bullets zipping just above a National Guard:
Suspected members of a cartel had been caught on video firing a number of rounds of bullets from Mexico subsequent to the Rio Grande in Starr County, Texas Thursday.
The footage was captured by a reporter amid experiences that Texas National Guard members have seen cartel gunfights improve close to the border just lately.
Fox’s Bill Melugin, who claimed to have seen every thing, added that the National Guardsmen weren’t sure whether or not this was a shootout or just meant to intimidate.
Soldiers instructed Melugin that they’ve been taunted in latest days by the cartel members, who’re armed, whereas standing throughout the Rio Grande.
‘The National Guard right here has troopers throughout the place, in addition to remark posts throughout the place,’ Melugin mentioned of the scene. ‘They’re protecting an eye fixed out for runners and human smugglers.’
Roma, Texas could also be one among the busiest hubs of America’s immigration disaster at the shared border with Mexico by way of unlawful crossings and cartels.
Men who’re suspected members of a Mexican cartel had been caught on video firing a number of rounds of bullets subsequent to the Rio Grande in Starr County, Texas Thursday --->READ MORE HERE
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