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Report: Border Patrol Arrests over 1.7 Million at Highest Level in 35 Years; Border Patrol Apprehends 90K Migrants in 18 Days; Migrants ‘didn’t want to try’ to Cross US Border Under Trump: ‘Thank you, Joe’, and related stories

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Border Patrol arrests at highest level in 35 years: report:
Illegal immigration into the US is hitting a new record, with arrests made by the Border Patrol during the 2021 fiscal year reaching their highest levels since 1986, according to a new report.
US Customs and Border Protection data obtained by the Washington Post reveals how illegal immigration numbers have shot up during President Biden’s administration — with some illegal migrants thanking Biden for lifting strict immigration policies implemented under former President Donald Trump.
Mexico was the largest single source of illegal immigration during the fiscal year, the data revealed, with the Border Patrol arresting over 608,000 Mexican nationals. This number alone is bigger than the average number of border arrests from 2012 to 2020 — 540,000.
The second-biggest source of illegal immigrants was categorized as “other” and comprised Haitians, Venezuelans, Ecuadorans, Cubans, Brazilians and migrants from several other countries — totaling around 367,000 arrests.
The Border Patrol also made about 309,000 arrests of Honduran illegal immigrants, 279,000 Guatemalan nationals, and around 96,000 migrants from El Salvador. --->READ MORE MERE
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EXCLUSIVE: Border Patrol Apprehends 90K Migrants in 18 Days:
A source within Customs and Border Protection notes the Border Patrol is off to a record start for Fiscal Year 2022 compared to last October. The source says Border Patrol has apprehended more than 90,000 migrants in the first 18 days of the reporting year–exceeding the 69,049 apprehended in the entire month of October 2020.
In the Yuma Sector, the source says more than 12,000 migrants were encountered in 18 days. In all of October 2020, only 788 were apprehended within that sector, a more than 1,400 percent increase.
The jump in statistics is being felt in other areas of the southwest border as well. In the Rio Grande Valley, the busiest sector for the Border Patrol, the source reports more than 26,000 were apprehended during the first weeks of FY2022. Many choose to surrender, hoping for a quick release due to the overwhelming flow of migrants to detention centers.
The number of apprehensions in the Rio Grande Valley in 18 days is nearly 50 percent higher than all of October 2020. During the entire month of October 2020, 17,619 were apprehended in that sector.
On average, more than 5,000 migrants are encountered daily nationwide. More than half are single adults. Family units comprise the next largest demographic, according to the source. --->READ MORE HERE
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