Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Biden Paves the Way for His Own Removal; Top Brass Expose Biden’s Biggest Afghanistan Lies

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky
Biden paves the way for his own removal:
It is commonly accepted - even by the liberal media - that the U.S. exit from Afghanistan was a disaster. Hundreds of Americans were left behind. Thousands of cooperative Afghani partners were abandoned, many likely to be killed by the ruthless Taliban. No one on planet earth points to the American withdrawal as an example of strength or diplomatic precision. The opinion on this is virtually unanimous.
One source of disagreement however has been who is to blame. Did President Biden get bad advice from experts or did he simply ignore the advice he got? We now have a definitive answer, and it may drive the sitting President from office.
Keep in mind that then-Vice President Joe Biden’s recommendation to President Obama in May of 2011 was not to go after Osama bin Laden. Despite all Presidential military advisers recommending sending in a Navy Seal team to get bin Laden and despite the fact other members of Obama’s inner circle agreed, Joe Biden said no. Biden’s opinion was ignored and the world’s number one terrorist was ultimately subdued.
In 2021 however, President Biden gets the last word. There is no option to ignore his opinion. As he was sworn into office, the President’s top military brass was putting together their assessment of how to handle America’s negotiated withdrawal from Afghanistan. The U.S. military on the ground in Afghanistan provided information on various scenarios, the likelihood of each happening, and how the U.S. should proceed to ensure the most desired outcome. --->READ MORE HERE
llustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times
Top brass expose Biden’s biggest Afghanistan lies:
Former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice sits cloistered in the White House, rarely seen or heard despite having one of the highest-profile jobs in the Biden Administration. Her two dutiful former deputies, Antony Blinken and Avril Haines have been installed at the top of the diplomatic and intelligence communities respectively. The shadowy Ron Klain, also a former Obama aide, runs the West Wing, tightly managing a President increasingly kept from the press and public eye.
The content and countenance of the top military leaders before Congress last week means we now know that the strategy surrounding the Afghanistan withdrawal was not driven by the military but by the political apparatchiks in control of the Biden White House.
Last week was the week that the military stopped defending the indefensible.
Based on the testimony, it is now clear President Joe Biden lied on July 8, when he emphatically answered, “No, I do not,” to the question of whether he believed the Taliban takeover was inevitable.
Mr. Biden lied when he told George Stephanopoulos on August 18 that no one presented him with an option to retain 2500 or more troops on the ground. That point was refuted by both Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Llyod Austin. --->READ MORE HERE
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