Thursday, October 28, 2021

Biden Administration Plans To Protect Immigration Fraudsters: It’s all about mind over matter - and if Joe doesn’t mind, it doesn’t matter

America’s borders and immigration laws are its first and last line of defense against threats to national security, public safety and public health.
A review of the relevant section of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) 8 U.S. Code § 1182 (Inadmissible aliens) will provide clarity as to the intent and importance of our immigration laws that Biden refuses to enforce.
Indeed, the Biden administration continues to wage an escalating war against immigration law enforcement yet the largely compliant mainstream media never asks how Biden’s policies are in the best interests of America or Americans.
The disaster on the southern border has been well-documented and the dangers that this creates for national security, public safety, public health cannot be over-estimated.
However, there are many other elements of the immigration system and immigration fraud has been identified as the key method of entry and embedding for terrorists- and not just the terrorists who participated in the deadly attacks on September 11, 2001 but other terrorists who sought to carry out deadly attacks inside the United States before and even after the terror attacks of 9/11.
I focused on the dangers inherent in immigration fraud in my article, Immigration Fraud: Lies That Kill - 9/11 Commission identified immigration fraud as a key embedding tactic of terrorists.
My June 15, 2018 article, Trump Administration Opens Office To Find Naturalization Fraudsters addressed the important and commonsense measures the Trump administration took to uncover naturalization fraud to not only identify those who had committed fraud and seek to strip them of their citizenship, but to deter others from gaming that important system.
Frequently terrorists and spies seek U.S. citizenship as an embedding tactic. Under our immigration laws when aliens become naturalized they may legally change their names. Their U.S. passport only reflects their new names. In essence, this enables aliens to create their own witness protection program of sorts. The solution is simple- have their U.S. passports reflect their new and their old names. However this is not done. This not only endangers America but our allies as these individuals may easily travel to countries around the world under their new identities.
I raised this serious vulnerability when I testified before Congressional hearings- but to no avail.
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