Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Young Girls Forced to "Marry" Older Men to Escape Afghanistan are Alleging Sexual Assault and Rape; Ted Cruz Blasts Biden Amid Reports of Afghan Child Brides Brought to US, and related stories

Young Girls Forced To "Marry" Older Men To Escape Afghanistan Are Alleging Sexual Assault And Rape:
Buried deep in the ongoing mess that is the Afghanistan evacuation, another ugly problem is rearing its head: older Afghan men have reportedly been admitted to intake centers with young girls they have claimed as their "brides".
The problem has surfaced at intake centers in the United Arab Emirates and in Wisconsin, a new report from AP says. There have been "numerous" incidents where Afghan girls have been presented to authorities as the “wives” of much older men, the report says. Some girls at a transit site in Abu Dhabi have even told authorities they had "been raped by older men they were forced to marry in order to escape", the report says.
A cable sent from the United Arab Emirates to Washington described allegations by girls that they had been sexually assaulted by their "husbands". --->READ MORE HERE
Ted Cruz blasts Biden amid reports of Afghan child brides brought to US:
Sen. Tex Cruz blasted President Biden after reports that a number of adult male Afghan refugees had arrived in the United States with child brides.
“There have been multiple cases of child brides and polygamous families from Afghanistan arriving at military bases here in America as part of their botched evacuation,” the Texas Republican said in a Friday statement.
“These reports are credible and horrifying. President Biden had no plan for a secure, orderly, and responsible withdrawal from Afghanistan. Instead, the President and Biden-Harris officials imposed arbitrary deadlines for political purposes.” --->READ MORE HERE
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