Thursday, September 23, 2021

We Will Regret Masking Kids; Former FDA Commissioner: Six Foot Social Distancing Rule Was ‘Arbitrary … Nobody Knows Where It Came From’, and other C-Virus related stories

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We Will Regret Masking Kids:
Children face little risk of catching or transmitting COVID, and data suggest that cloth masks are ineffective at best.
New York governor Kathy Hochul has issued a new mask mandate covering just about every child over two years of age at almost every sort of institutional activity that two-year-old children can participate in.
If my kid coughs on you, you’ll live. I promise. I know because I try to avoid masking them whenever I can. And you would know them by the trail of the living behind them.
Almost every decision I’ve made about my children in the past six months has involved avoiding masking requirements. We wanted to reunite our children with their granddad in Ireland. He could not fly here to visit them, owing to an outdated and now entirely stupid American travel ban on Europe. But we could fly to him in Ireland — and why wouldn’t we? — and Ireland has never masked young children in any environment. Ireland has been very strict about COVID rules, however; adults regularly masked in many indoor settings, but young children never did.
Despite pressure from the prestige media, public-health authorities in Ireland again recommended against children wearing masks in school this year, even with the Delta variant in Ireland. And they are going even further by backing off mandatory quarantines. Why? Because they are following the evidence. --->READ MORE HERE
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Former FDA Commissioner: Six Foot Social Distancing Rule Was ‘Arbitrary … Nobody Knows Where It Came From’:
Scott Gottlieb, the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), admitted during an interview on Face the Nation that the six foot social distancing rule recommended by public health officials for months on end was actually “arbitrary in and of itself,” and he noted that “nobody knows where it came from.”
Speaking with Face the Nation’s Margaret Brennan, Gottlieb discussed the rules and risks early in the pandemic, explaining that the Trump administration shifted its focus to the impact lockdowns and rules would have on the economy and children.
“My view is that they were sold on the idea that you weren’t going to be able to really affect the spread and that anything you did was just going to have so many repercussions in terms of impact on children who might not be in school. Impact on the economy, that the costs were worse than the disease,” he said, explaining that schools were a “perfect example of the lack of effective policymaking.”
“So the single reason why most schools remained shut was because the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) was telling them they had to keep kids six feet apart,” he said. “If- if CDC has said you can only- you have to keep kids three feet apart, then a lot of schools would have been able open.” --->READ MORE HERE
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