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Virginia Catholic Bishop: ‘No One’ Is Transgender; ‘A truth reflected in every cell of the body’, and related stories

Virginia Catholic Bishop: ‘No One’ Is Transgender:
Arlington Bishop Michael Burbidge has written a letter denouncing gender ideology and insisting that “no one” is transgender, NBC News reported this weekend.
In his “controversial” letter, Bishop Burbidge condemns transgender ideology because it “presents a view of the human person contrary to the truth” by disconnecting the idea of gender from that of the biological sex of a person.
The human person “is created male or female,” the bishop writes, and a person’s sex “is an immutable biological reality, determined at conception, which “reveals God’s design” for each individual person.
What is new in our times “is the growing cultural acceptance of the erroneous claim that some people, including children and adolescents, are ‘in’ the ‘wrong body’ and therefore must undergo ‘gender transition,’ either to relieve distress or as an expression of personal autonomy,” Burbidge notes, which contradicts everything that science teaches us about human sexuality.
“At its core, this belief in a ‘transgender’ identity rejects the significance of the sexed body and seeks cultural, medical, and legal validation of the person’s self-defined identity-an approach called ‘gender affirmation,’” he adds. --->READ MORE HERE
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‘No one’ is transgender, Virginia bishop says: ‘A truth reflected in every cell of the body’
A Washington-area Catholic bishop has issued a letter rebutting the transgender movement root and branch, calling gender reassignment “wrong and harmful” and saying everyone is male or female as seen in that person’s body.
“The Church teaches that a person is created male or female,” Bishop Michael F. Burbidge of Arlington wrote. “No one ‘is’ transgender.”
The document titled “A Catechesis on the Human Person and Gender Ideology” notes that public schools “aggressively promote” what the bishop called “a false understanding of the human person in their advocacy of gender ideology.”
“Parents with children in public school must … be even more vigilant and vocal against this false and harmful ideology,” Bishop Burbidge wrote. --->READ MORE HERE
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