Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Trump, Gold Star Families Blast Biden for Checking Watch During Ceremony for Fallen; Biden Makes Meetings With Families of Dead Soldiers Killed By His Actions... All About Him, and relate stories

Trump rips Biden for appearing to check watch while honoring 13 service members killed in Kabul: 'Disgrace':
Former President Donald Trump said it was a "disgrace" when President Biden was seen looking at his watch while paying respects to the 13 U.S. service members who were killed in Afghanistan.
"When he did that yesterday, it was, it was a disgrace. I think the best thing he could do is apologize to the American people and apologize to the world," Trump said Tuesday morning during an interview on Fox Business’s "Varney & Co."
Biden was in Dover, Delaware, on Sunday as the remains of 13 U.S. troops killed in the Kabul suicide bombing were brought back to the U.S. The president stirred harsh criticisms when he was spotted at one point apparently glancing at his watch during the solemn ceremony. --->READ MORE HERE
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Gold Star families blast Biden for checking watch during ceremony for fallen:
“When he just kept talking about his son so much, it was just — my interest was lost in that. I was more focused on my own son than what happened with him and his son,” Schmitz told the Washington Post. “I’m not trying to insult the president, but it just didn’t seem that appropriate to spend that much time on his own son.”
During the meeting, Schmitz reportedly took out a photo of his son to show to the president.
“I said, ‘Don’t you ever forget that name. Don’t you ever forget that face. Don’t you ever forget the names of the other 12,’” he said. “‘And take some time to learn their stories.’”
Biden reportedly offered a blunt response: “I do know their stories.”
Hoover said he and his family declined to meet with Biden.
“We said, ‘Absolutely not.’ We didn’t want to deal with him,” he said. “We didn’t want — we didn’t want him anywhere near us. We as a family decided that was the way it was going to be.” --->READ MORE HERE
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