Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Biden Admin Is Now Flat-Out Denying Reality of The Border Crisis; Americans Know Who’s to Blame for the Border Crisis; TX Judge Says Biden Caused the Border Crisis and Then Alienated Himself From It, and related stories

The Biden Admin Is Now Flat-Out Denying Reality Of The Border Crisis:
The only reasonable explanation for what the White House is doing and saying about the grotesque scenes at the southern border is that they simply don’t think enough voters care.
Maybe they’re right, but nothing else can explain just how ridiculous the answers from the administration have gotten when it comes to questions about the thousands of migrants forced to live for days under a bridge and in huts made out of brush while it’s 95 degrees outside.
President Joe Biden’s people have taken to flat-out denying reality. In an interview Tuesday on CNN, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed with a straight face that hordes of destitute migrants are making their way to the United States, not because they want in on the free welfare (“compassion”) promised to them by Democrats, but because they had been fooled into making the journey.
“It is heartbreaking to see,” said a very heartbroken Mayorkas, “because what we are seeing is vulnerable individuals, having been deceived by smuggling organizations and misinformation, take the perilous journey north when we have been quite clear that it will not be successful and that is not what they should do.” --->READ MORE HERE
Americans know who’s to blame for the border crisis: Devine:
Operation Gaslight is collapsing.
A majority of Americans blame President Biden for the border crisis, a new poll shows, as the administration is caught lying about the makeshift refugee camp under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas.
About two-thirds of the 15,000 Haitians living in unsanitary conditions under the bridge have been moved out since Saturday, as local authorities try to regain ­control.
Just over 5,000 migrants remained yesterday afternoon.
But the tough talk from the administration that they would be deported back to Haiti under a special Trump-era pandemic health order has turned out to be hot air.
Most of the migrants have been secretly released into the community, according to whistleblowers and reporters on the ground, and the administration is determined to hide the truth.
An AP report based on anonymous border sources says Haitians have been freed on a “very, very large scale” in recent days. They are given “notices to appear” at an immigration office within 60 days but if they don’t show up, we know they will simply melt into the shadows --->READ MORE HERE

+++++Texas judge says Biden caused the border crisis and then alienated himself from it+++++

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