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Texas County Challenges DHS With Ban on Transporting Migrants Who Lack Negative COVID-19 Test

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Texas county challenges DHS with ban on transporting migrants who lack negative COVID-19 test:
A Texas county declared a state of disaster Monday over illegal immigrants and COVID-19 exposure and adopted a policy barring them from being transported into or through the jurisdiction until they’ve gotten a new test showing they’re free of the coronavirus.
Kinney County, which includes a sliver of the Mexican border along the Rio Grande, but serves as a key transit route for migrants being taken to San Antonio, said it has determined unvaccinated and untested illegal immigrants are a real threat to public health. The county said it doesn’t have the facilities to handle a major outbreak.
Under the policy, law enforcement officers are ordered to stop and inspect vehicles believed to be carrying illegal immigrants. Any occupant who cannot show a negative COVID-19 test form within the last 72 hours will be ushered back outside the county’s borders.
The policy is a challenge to the Biden administration, which is relying on buses and vans hired by nonprofits and other private organizations to ferry illegal immigrants from the border deeper into Texas and the rest of the country. The policy still allows federal, state and local authorities to transport people in their custody, so regular law enforcement can continue, but the nonprofits’ work would be shut down. --->READ MORE HERE
Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times
Illegal Aliens Being Transported Through Texas County Must Show Negative COVID Test
In response to a high number of COVID-19 cases among illegal immigrants and scarce medical resources, Kinney County leadership declared a local state of disaster on Sept. 13.
The declaration prohibits “aliens who are not lawfully present in the United States” from traveling through Kinney County unless they produce proof of a negative COVID-19 test obtained within the prior 72 hours.
The declaration directs all county law enforcement officers—under probable cause—to stop and inspect any “vehicles, buses, or vans” that are believed to be transporting illegal aliens. It exempts local, state, and federal law enforcement vehicles that are transporting illegal alien detainees.
If a suspected illegal alien passenger is unable to produce proof of a negative test, the driver will be directed to “immediately return to their point of origin outside of Kinney County,” the declaration reads. Federal immigration authorities will be called to ascertain immigration status.
The requirement is expected to mainly impact the transportation of illegal immigrants on public bus services, such as Greyhound, and nongovernmental organizations’ transport vans heading from the border city of Del Rio to San Antonio. --->READ MORE HERE
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