Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Religious Exemption From Vaccine Mandate Under Threat; Florida is America’s Light in the COVID-19 Darkness, and other C-Virus related stories

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Religious Exemption From Vaccine Mandate Under Threat:
There’s a legal threshold that religious people must achieve in order to be exempted from a vaccine, or any other mandate by the government. It’s the “sincerely held belief” threshold and government and public health officials are preparing to challenge that by basically saying that those people who invoke the “sincerely held belief” standard are lying.
Others believe that there is danger in stretching the meaning of a religious exemption by not questioning those who seek to use it.
Admittedly, the standard is vague. But in addition to a reasonable definition of “sincerely held,” most supporters of the exemption think that abusing the standard to make a political anti-vax statement would be unethical and immoral. --->READ MORE HERE
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Florida is America’s light in the COVID-19 darkness:
Florida’s Republican-led legislature and the state’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, just announced that any businesses, schools or government entities that require proof of coronavirus vaccine as a condition of entry will be fined $5,000, beginning Sept. 16.
The fine is based on law — unlike, it’s crucial to note, all the leftist-led crackdowns, complete with punitive fines and fees, that have been swirling through America in the guise of Coronavirus Safety. Or a Health Emergency. Or COVID-19 Mitigation.
Let’s remember: Nearly every one of the coronavirus-fueled shutterings of business; closings of churches; shut-downs of schools; forced face-masking of students and subsequent forced vaccinations of students; mandated social distancing, stay-at-home, stay-out-of-restaurants, stay-out-of-gyms, stay-out-of-hair-salons, stay off the streets and stay away from even friends and family during holidays — nearly every one has come by way of an order.
Governors have gone mad with executive orders. Federal health bureaucrats have gone nuts with advisements that have turned into orders. State and local medical agencies have gone crazy with recommendations that have led to orders. --->READ MORE HERE
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