Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Relax: 44 Afghan Evacuees Could Be Jihad Terrorists; 44 Afghan Refugees Brought to the US Flagged as Potential National Security Risks

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Relax: 44 Afghan Evacuees Could Be Jihad Terrorists:
The sudden influx into the United States of 94,000 evacuees from Afghanistan has many defenders, and they’ve used the usual arguments against those who have raised concerns: These people are in need, they’re in need because of American actions, and thus anyone who objects is selfish, heartless, and probably bigoted and racist as well. “Criticism is intensifying,” the Washington Post opined on August 24, from some of the stars of the Left’s enemies list: “on Fox News, among Republican state lawmakers in Wisconsin where some refugees are being temporarily housed, and from the nativist, anti-immigrant factions in the country that helped Donald Trump ride into the White House.” Amid all the festivities, however, the same Washington Post reported Friday that “the Department of Homeland Security flagged 44 Afghan evacuees as potential national security risks during the past two weeks as the government screened tens of thousands for resettlement in the United States.”
Not only that, but “two Afghan nationals who were previously deported and returned as evacuees have been transferred to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facilities after landing in the United States, according to two DHS officials. Both were deported after felony convictions: one for a 2010 sexual assault and the other for an armed robbery in 2011, according to one official who was not authorized to discuss the criminal records. The two individuals are currently in ICE custody in Virginia.”
Meanwhile, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas refuses to answer the question of “how many Afghans have been blocked from traveling or failed to clear the vetting process, but he characterized the number as ‘extraordinarily de minimis’ during a briefing with reporters Wednesday, using the legal term for an insignificant quantity.” So apparently most of those who are vetted get through, including at least two people who had been previously deported. --->READ MORE HERE
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44 Afghan Refugees Brought to the US Flagged as Potential National Security Risks:
Some 44 Afghan refugees who were brought to the U.S. were flagged as potential national security threats in the last two weeks, The Washington Post reported on Friday.
Over 60,000 Afghans have been evacuated to the U.S. and around 13 of them are waiting to go through additional counterterrorism screening measures in Customs and Border Protection custody, according to the Post.
Fifteen were transferred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody and returned to processing stations in Europe and the Middle East, or allowed to enter the U.S. after further screening.
Another 16 Afghans are waiting to see whether they will be cleared for travel at U.S. processing sites in countries overseas, the Post reported.
Department of Homeland Security documents reportedly show officials raised concerns about multiple refugees with potential ties to terror organizations including suspicious information on their electronic devices. --->READ MORE HERE
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