Sunday, September 19, 2021

Let’s Not Forget our Southern Border Crisis; Migrant Encounters Reportedly Exceed 200,000 for Second Month in a Row; Number of Migrants Encamped Under Texas Bridge Swells to More Than 14,000, and related stories

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Let’s not forget our southern border crisis:
The calamitous results of Biden’s inhumane border crisis persist. Our national attention has been diverted to other policy disasters such as the surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban, the soaring inflation and underperforming economy, the unabated indoctrination of our student-children that everyone is a racist, and America is the “great Satan.” Not to mention the lawlessness and violent crime in Democrat-run cities.
Yes, the radical Left has been busy dismantling America the Beautiful and attempting to replace it with a Venezuelan style, radical Neo-fascist marriage of big government with big tech and big business.
In the meantime, frontline health care workers who worked throughout the COVID-19 year without vaccines and largely without concern for their personal safety are being threatened with termination by already short-staffed health care groups if they refuse to get vaccinated. The Biden team, particularly the mendacious Dr. Anthony Fauci, encourages all private businesses to persecute their employees in the same way.
The Biden Regime pushes private businesses to enforce the “vaccine” even knowing that the Centers for Disease Control have actually modified the definition of vaccine, which used to be defined as producing immunity to a specific disease, to an entirely different meaning. A vaccine doesn’t produce immunity, it merely stimulates the body’s immune response to a disease. --->READ MORE HERE
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Migrant encounters reportedly exceed 200,000 for second month in a row:
More than 200,000 illegal immigrant encounters have been reported in August — the second straight month the number has exceeded that mark — in an extension of the illegal immigration crisis that has plagued the Biden administration since its start.
There were 208,887 encounters last month, a Department of Homeland Security official told Fox News.
And while the total is down slightly from July’s more than 212,000 encounters, it’s still a 317 percent increase over August 2020, when there were 50,014 apprehensions and a 233 percent jump from August 2019, which recorded 62,707 apprehensions.
Of the encounters in August, 49 percent involved single adults — down 7 percent from July.​ --->READ MORE HERE
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