Friday, September 17, 2021

ICE Counts 463 Sanctuary Jails, Prisons in U.S.

Associated Press
ICE says 463 jails won’t cooperate with the federal government’s deportation detainer requests and is blaming their jurisdictions for the agency’s inability to comply with a court order demanding transparency of Biden administration targets for removal.
In addition to the sanctuary jails, 156 others give only “limited cooperation” to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Marc A. Rapp, an assistant director for law enforcement systems and analysis, recently told a federal judge in Texas.
The numbers signal a major increase in sanctuaries over the past four years. Communities rushed to declare themselves sanctuaries as part of a resistance to President Trump’s immigration policies. In early 2017, ICE counted about 120 jurisdictions that refused cooperation.
The number of sanctuaries was revealed as part of a lawsuit against the Biden administration‘s efforts to reshape arrests and limit deportations of illegal immigrants.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton
The lawsuit, brought by Texas and Louisiana, argues that the policy has led to ICE cancellations of some detainer requests and has forced local prisons and jails to release illegal immigrant criminals who would otherwise have been deported.
Judge Drew Tipton has issued a preliminary injunction siding with the states, though his ruling has been stayed while an appeals court considers the matter.
In his court filing, Mr. Rapp did not reveal a list of jurisdictions that are considered uncooperative. The Washington Times asked ICE to provide the list, but the agency did not, nor did it provide data about how the number of sanctuaries has changed.
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