Saturday, September 18, 2021

Congress Reinstalls a Wall to Keep Out ‘the people’; Fencing Installed Around the Capitol Ahead of Anticipated Sept. 18 Protest, and related stories

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
Congress reinstalls a wall to keep out ‘the people’:
Generals always fight the last war, so the saying goes. Politicians don’t dress in uniform, but they, too, obsess over past conflicts. It is the unwillingness of Democrats controlling Congress to move past the tumult of Jan. 6 that has spurred a decision to harden the U.S. Capitol against Americans seeking a redress of grievances over the treatment of that day’s protesters. Once again, “the people” are not welcome at “the people’s house.”
Anticipating Saturday’s “Justice for J6” rally at nearby Union Square, the U.S. Capitol Police, overseen in part by Congress, has ordered reinstallation of high chain-link fencing thrown up around the Capitol between Jan. 6 and the Jan. 20 inauguration of President Biden. While thousands marched in January from the “Save America” Rally on the Ellipse up Capitol Hill to dispute election irregularities, only a few hundred are expected for the weekend event.
Their cause has some merit. While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has characterized the Jan. 6 uproar as an “insurrection,” no one has been charged with a crime of that enormity. Instead of the 600-plus individuals arrested, some engaged in bully-boy clashes with police, rightly resulting in charges such as “inflicting bodily injury upon officers.” --->READ MORE HERE
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
Fencing installed around the Capitol ahead of anticipated Sept. 18 protest:
Fencing around the US Capitol building has been reinstalled ahead of a planned rally Saturday in support of the Jan. 6 rioters.
Late Wednesday, workers wearing construction vests put together the fencing around the government building as local law enforcement braces for the “Justice for J6” demonstration.
The rally is being held to protest the detainment of those arrested in connection to the Jan 6. insurrection.
The riot saw hundreds of President Donald Trump supporters violently breach the Capitol, leading to five deaths.
More than 600 people are facing federal charges linked to the insurrection, and over 60 have pleaded guilty, mostly to misdemeanor charges of demonstrating in the Capitol.
Meanwhile, Washington, DC, has seen several other security threats in recent weeks, prompting law enforcement to be on high alert ahead of the protest — including a man claiming to have a bomb outside the Library of Congress and another who was arrested outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters after being found in possession of several knives and a machete. --->READ MORE HERE
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