Saturday, September 11, 2021

Biden Asks Congress to Rush Afghan Citizenship Before Vetting; Cotton: Biden Plan Gives ‘Unlimited Green Cards’ to Unvetted Afghans

Biden Asks Congress to Rush Afghan Citizenship Before Vetting:
President Joe Biden’s deputies want Congress to flip immigration law on its head so they can quickly convert many Afghans into citizens without required vetting.
“They’re putting the entry/cart before the vetting/horse,” former immigration judge Andrew Arthur told Breitbart News
The request is buried on page 26 of a 34-page page list of budget requests to Congress, titled “Continuing Resolution (CR) Appropriations Issues.”
The request asks Congress to change laws so the Secretary of Homeland Security could provide fast-track citizenship to at least 50,000 Afghans, even when intelligence officials recognize that some of the migrants have ties to dangerous and ideologically extreme groups in Afghanistan.
The legislation would exempt the Afghan migrants from the normal “grounds of inadmissibility” that immigrants must pass before becoming a citizen.
The normal grounds for rejection include a likely need for welfare and government aid, having a disease, having criminal records, having a record of “terrorist activity” or “is likely to engage after entry in any terrorist activity.”
The draft says: --->READ MORE HERE
Tom Cotton: Biden Plan Gives ‘Unlimited Green Cards’ to Unvetted Afghans:
Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) says President Joe Biden is seeking to execute a plan that would give “unlimited green cards” to unvetted Afghans evacuated from Afghanistan in recent weeks.
As Breitbart News reported on Wednesday, Biden turned the fast-track citizenship for Afghans plan into a budget request to Congress.
The request asks Congress to allow Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to give green cards, and eventually naturalized American citizenship, to at least 50,000 Afghans by waiving standard vetting procedures.
Cotton slammed the request as “just another chapter in Biden’s rolling fiasco of an Afghanistan policy” in a statement:
Joe Biden left behind thousands in Afghanistan who already have American citizenship, green cards, or pending visas, but now he wants to award unlimited green cards to people who didn’t serve alongside our troops and who may even threaten our safety and health — all while exempting them from the normal refugee screening process. [Emphasis added] --->READ MORE HERE
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