Saturday, September 11, 2021

Biden Airlifted Tens of Thousands of Unknowns After Promising to Evacuate Americans and Allies; Biden Flies Over 8,500 Afghans into Pennsylvania in Less than Two Weeks, and related stories

Biden airlifted tens of thousands of unknowns after promising to evacuate Americans and allies:
President Joe Biden vowed to evacuate American citizens and Afghans who helped the United States during the war but failed to fulfill that promise and instead flew tens of thousands of people who at present don’t meet either criterion out of Afghanistan.
The U.S. government does not yet know who made up the bulk of the people who boarded the flights out of Kabul.
It was the largest air evacuation in U.S. history — the Biden administration airlifted 124,000 people from Afghanistan in total — and had been planned for months, even delayed an additional four months to ensure everything could go as planned. In the end, though, it was not what was promised.
Biden agreed when he took office in January to carry out former President Donald Trump’s plan to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan. He moved the withdrawal date from May 1 to Aug. 31 to give his administration and the Pentagon more time to plan and boldly vowed in the weeks leading up to the deadline to get every American out of the country. “If there are American citizens left, we’re going to stay until we get them all out,” Biden told ABC News on Aug. 19.
Of the 6,000 Americans in Afghanistan before the evacuation, up to 200 were left stuck in Afghanistan at least until Thursday, when a flight left Kabul reportedly with 200 Americans on board. --->READ MORE HERE
Biden Flies Over 8,500 Afghans into Pennsylvania in Less than Two Weeks:
President Joe Biden’s administration has flown more than 8,500 Afghans into the Philadelphia International Airport in less than two weeks, new data reveal.
As part of Biden’s massive resettlement operation, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, officials confirmed that more than 8,500 Afghans had been flown into the city since August 28.
Philadelphia International Airport, along with Dulles International Airport, was chosen by the Biden administration as the starting point by which Afghans would be flown into the U.S. despite not having completed their immigration processing. From there, Afghans are taken to U.S. military bases or processing sites where they are expected to stay for weeks before resettling throughout the nation.
Those military bases where Afghans are taken include Fort Bliss in Texas, Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, Fort Dix in New Jersey, Fort Lee in Virginia, Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, and Camp Atterbury in Indiana. After their arrival, reports have indicated that Afghans are provided with a one-time $1,250 stipend. --->READ MORE HERE
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