Friday, September 17, 2021

Biden Admin Imports Potential Afghan Terrorists, Predators Into US; Blinken Says ‘most’ Afghan Evacuees Weren't Vetted Before Airlift, and related stories

Scott Applewhite
Ted Cruz: Admin Imports Potential Afghan Terrorists, Predators Into U.S.
On Tuesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken will testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a committee on which I serve.
The secretary has a lot of explaining to do. In the past month, we have seen a catastrophic failure of policy in Afghanistan by the Biden administration. Over and over and over again, President Biden and top officials in his administration made policy decisions that demonstrated their radical ideology and manifest incompetence.
They allowed military vehicles and weapons, and key infrastructure such as Bagram Air Force Base, to fall into Taliban hands. They left stranded hundreds of Americans and Afghans who risked their lives to support the American military mission.
Further, they loaded tens of thousands of unknown and unvetted Afghans on flights to the United States without sufficient concern for security, public health, or human rights.
Two weeks ago, I toured housing that’s being built at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. The camp will house up to 10,000 Afghan evacuees. At the time, there were flights coming in with evacuees every couple of hours. I asked the commanding general what they were doing to ensure each arriving Afghan evacuee had been properly vetted, and he told me that vetting was being done in Afghanistan. --->READ MORE from Ted Cruz HERE
Sgt. Samuel Ruiz/U.S. Marine Corps via AP
Blinken says ‘most’ Afghan evacuees weren’t vetted before airlift:
The majority of Afghans airlifted out of Kabul in last month’s emergency evacuation weren’t vetted before getting on the planes, Secretary of State Antony Blinken told senators on Tuesday.
Mr. Blinken said they were too pressed to clear the crush of people at the airport and keep the runway open, and had to put off the vetting until later — but he insisted those checks were done.
“Before they got on airplanes, certainly most of them were not,” he told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “That is exactly why we established transit points through negotiations with those countries to make sure before anyone came to the United States they would be vetted by different law enforcement and security agencies.”
Sen. John Barrasso, Wyoming Republican, was stunned: “So, who were you letting on the planes? Anybody that showed up?”
According to Mr. Blinken, that wasn’t too far off at first. --->READ MORE HERE
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