Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Why the Border Crisis Is Here to Stay

Go Nakamura/Reuters
Absent a credible impeachment threat, President Biden and the progressives are only going to continue abetting illegal immigration.
Don’t blame me, blame the Supreme Court — along with congressional Republicans, Republican presidents, and Washington’s entrenched post-sovereign, transnational–progressive political establishment. But don’t say you weren’t warned: The only hope for reestablishing security on the southern border is a credible threat to impeach President Biden.
And don’t bet on that emerging from a Democrat-dominated House.
That blunt reality is elucidated by the Biden administration’s assault on any remaining vestige of state sovereignty. In El Paso federal court, the Justice Department has sued Texas and Governor Greg Abbott for attempting to protect the state from waves of illegal aliens who are streaming into the country.
The federal government is aiding and abetting illegal immigration. That is a violation of federal law and thus another manifestation of Biden’s disregard for his solemn duty to execute the laws faithfully, on unabashed display this week with his dictatorial eviction-moratorium decree, which he and his administration concede is unconstitutional.
Immigration law commands that aliens who do not have a legal right to be present in the United States “shall be detained pending a final determination of credible fear of persecution and, if found not to have such a fear, until removed.” That is, even those who credibly claim to fear persecution if returned from whence they came — the infinitesimally small percentage of legitimate refugees among the hordes now seeking entry — are supposed to be held in custody until that claim is fully adjudicated.
But Biden has signaled that the border is open and that those who try to cross illegally stand an excellent chance of getting in and staying. Rhetorically, the president pretends the laws are being enforced, but he knows this is impossible in the conditions he has willfully created. The government is woefully short of the detention space, enforcement personnel, and administrative resources that would be needed to handle the vast migrant crowds arriving daily.
The govt lacks the resources to screen aliens for COVID-19
Moreover, in the midst of a pandemic surge, when even vaccinated Americans are facing the prospect of stifling restrictions, the government lacks the resources to screen aliens for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases at the border. The Biden administration well knows that people are migrating from countries where testing and vaccination rates are significantly lower than in the United States. Heedless, it is nevertheless ushering thousands upon thousands into the country, through the services of contractors such as Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley. The federal government is well aware that an alarming percentage of aliens are infected and will inevitably infect one another, Texans, and other Americans.
The numbers here are staggering, even if we were to make-believe, Biden-style, that every illegal alien who crosses the border is “encountered” by border enforcement agents. (The government prefers to speak of “encountering migrants” because it can’t say it is detaining every alien who enters illegally, as the law mandates.)
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