Wednesday, August 18, 2021

'Were All of Our Sacrifices Wasted?' War Veterans React to Stunning Afghanistan Collapse; Veterans Speak Out as Afghanistan Descends Into Chaos: 'It Makes Us Angry'; Gold Star families ‘heartbroken’, and related stories

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'Were all of our sacrifices wasted?' War veterans react to stunning Afghanistan collapse:
Rebekah Sanderlin has never been to Afghanistan, and yet she says the war-torn nation of 39 million has “permeated every single part of our lives’’ for the past two decades.
As the wife of an Army veteran who was deployed to Afghanistan up to seven times, the last one less than two years ago, Sanderlin developed an affinity for the Afghans based on her husband’s experience with them and her own research.
She uses terms like "terrifying’" and “heartbreaking’’ when pondering their fate now that the ruthless Taliban has taken over the country in stunningly fast fashion, toppling the government of President Ashraf Ghani, prompting him to flee and forcing the U.S. to rush out its personnel.
After more than 2,300 Americans were killed and 20,000 wounded in a 20-year war that cost the U.S. an estimated $2.26 trillion, Sanderlin said, many military families are wondering if all their blood and sweat – in addition to the months of separation and the missed special occasions – were all for naught.
"There are a lot of veterans who are grappling with: ‘Was it worth it? Were all of our sacrifices wasted?'" Sanderlin said. She added that many are conflicted about the Biden administration’s decision to pull out the U.S. troops, which opened the door for the Taliban. --->READ MORE HERE
US Military Veterans Speak Out as Afghanistan Descends Into Chaos: 'It Makes Us Angry':
Anguish, loss and anger flowed across America this week as veterans of the war in Afghanistan saw the nation they tried to prop up dissolve before their eyes
“I just can’t help thinking about what a waste it is. I can’t allow myself to think about how after all that blood and treasure, it ends like this,” retired Army Col. Janet Holliday of Louisville, Kentucky, told The New York Times.
“It makes me angry, really angry,” former Army Ranger Tom Amenta told The Washington Post.
“I mean, why did my friend get blown up? For what?” he said.
Javier Mackey spoke to the Times about his 2008 deployment, in which a friend died and where he saw firsthand the depth of corruption in the Afghan army. After five deployments as part of the Army Special Forces, he came to realize victory was elusive, and that withdrawal with honor might be all that was left. --->READ MORE HERE
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