Monday, August 30, 2021

Ted Cruz: Poor Vetting of Afghanistan Refugees Could be ‘invitation’ to Terror Attacks; Cruz Tours Texas Afghan Refugee Camp, Argues Afghan Refugees Should Not Come to the U.S. Without a Full Security Vetting, and related stories

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Ted Cruz: Poor vetting of Afghanistan refugees could be ‘invitation’ to terror attacks:
Sen. Ted Cruz had stern warnings for the Biden administration Friday over its handling of the ensuing Afghanistan crisis, arguing the United States’ executive leadership is opening the door to additional terror attacks at home and abroad.
"I'm very concerned that the Biden administration is bringing tens of thousands of refugees into the United States without thoroughly vetting them," Cruz, R-Texas, told reporters Friday in El Paso. With more refugees coming to the U.S. by the day, Cruz claimed insufficient vetting "is an invitation to terrorist attacks here in the United States."
He also took aim at President Biden’s push to stick to the administration’s Aug. 31 withdrawal deadline, with indications that hundreds of Americans remained in Afghanistan Friday. "We cannot be abandoning Americans, we can't surrender to the demands of terrorists," he said.
The Fort Bliss army post in Texas is ill-equipped to handle a flood of refugees, the senator charged. "If 10,000 refugees arrive [to Fort Bliss], every one of those 10,000 can choose to leave tomorrow," Cruz said.
"There's no fence. There's no gate," he continued, saying Fort Bliss leadership told him one of the refugees simply dialed an Uber driver and rode off to El Paso. --->READ MORE HERE
Ted Cruz Tours Texas Afghan Refugee Camp, Calls for Refugees to Be Sent to 'Neutral and Safe Third Country':
Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz toured the Fort Bliss military base in El Paso, Texas, on Friday, arguing Afghan refugees should not come to the United States without a full security vetting.
“Touring the Dona Ana camp at Fort Bliss this morning, where Biden admin plans to house 10,000 Afghan refugees,” Cruz tweeted.
“We should rescue Afghans who’ve assisted the US military, but they should go to a neutral & safe third country. They should NOT come to US w/o a FULL security vetting,” he added.
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