Monday, August 16, 2021

Taliban Take Afghanistan, Biden Flees Under Fire; Taliban Declares Victory, ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’; ‘Blood on his hands’: Biden Under Fire Over Collapse in Afghanistan, and related stories

Taliban Take Afghanistan, Biden Flees Under Fire:
The outcome was never in doubt. Its speed was another matter.
The Taliban fought few battles. The fake Afghan military surrendered or fled, taking our equipment to Iran and Uzbekistan in some cases.
The siege of Kabul that was being prepped never happened. There was little fighting if any.
The only viable military force that are not the Taliban are the approximately 6,000 American military personnel.
Biden boasted of withdrawing 1,900 troops. He's sending back around 4,400 for a total of 6,000. That's almost 3x the size of the withdrawal. More might end up having to be deployed.
The embassy and its flag have gotten out, but there are plenty of Americans still in Kabul.
While the Taliban, accompanied by their Al Jazeera propagandists, have done their victory dance at the presidential palace, they've avoided directly targeting Americans for now. They want us to leave and they don't want to force us into a situation where even Biden or whoever is calling the shots while he takes Zoom calls in Camp David might have to do something about them. --->READ MORE HERE
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Taliban Declares Victory, ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’:
Taliban officials declared victory and the restoration of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan after occupying the presidential palace in Kabul on Sunday.
Appearing in a Twitter video alongside other Taliban leaders, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the group’s cofounder, pronounced victory in the battle for the nation. “We have achieved an unexpected victory,” he said. “Now is the time to test, to show how we serve our people and ensure their future in the best possible way.”
Baradar said the Taliban have appointed him to be “leader of Afghanistan” and take the reigns of government.
Pakistani authorities arrested Baradar in 2010, but freed him in 2018 under pressure from the United States.
The Taliban’s official documents have long referred to the group as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan as it claims to be the legitimate government of the country as opposed to the now-defunct U.S.-backed republic. --->READ MORE HERE
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