Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Stick a Fork in Liz Cheney—She's Done; New Wyoming Poll Shows More Trouble For Liz Cheney

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
Stick a Fork in Liz Cheney—She's Done:
Rep. Liz Cheney, recently dubbed a “Pelosi Republican” by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, has lost the support of her constituents and is on the fast track to losing her next election in 2022.
According to polling data, a mere 23 percent of primary-voting Republicans plan to vote for her again—a whopping 77 percent plan to vote for someone else.
Cheney’s image has been destroyed by her vote to impeach Trump earlier this year and her support for the partisan January 6 commission.
President Trump wants to use his influence in the party to push out wobbly Republicans who didn’t support his Make America Great Again agenda. On Thursday, he called on the Wyoming Republican Party to pare down the number of Republicans running against Cheney to just one candidate rather than risk Cheney winning the primary with a plurality of votes. In a six-person race, Cheney could still come out the victor, but should the race end up between Cheney and just one or two other challengers, she’d likely be defeated. --->READ MORE HERE
New Wyoming Poll Shows More Trouble For Liz Cheney:
Results of new poll released Friday continue to show support for Republican Rep. Liz Cheney deep underwater among her Wyoming constituents as she prepares for a competitive primary.
According to a survey conducted by McLaughlin & Associates shown exclusively to the Washington Examiner, 77 percent of Republican primary voters said they would back a candidate besides Cheney in the upcoming contest. Only 23 percent said Cheney could count on their support.
More than half, 53 percent, described Cheney as “liberal,” whereas only 26 percent labeled their at-large representative who has joined Democrats in defining moments as “conservative.”
Former President Donald Trump released a statement hours before the poll was published calling on the Wyoming Republican Party to unite behind a single primary challenger before the five major candidates who have announced split the vote and give Cheney a fourth term. --->READ MORE HERE

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