Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Republican Trifectas Lead COVID-19 Recovery; Republicans Introduce Bill Requiring States That Mandate Vaccine Passports to Also Implement Voter ID Laws, and other C-Virus related stories

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Republican trifectas lead COVID-19 recovery:
Conservatives at the state level advance priorities that empower American workers and families
Democrat-controlled Washington is decimating our national economy. Crippling tax hikes, reckless spending, record-high inflation, overreaching lockdowns, defunding law enforcement, blue state bailouts – all are radical policies holding back a much-needed economic recovery. Thankfully, Republican legislative majorities in the states are holding the line on fiscal responsibility.
While we should be in the midst of a nationwide economic rebound, liberal policies in Washington have driven up consumer prices at the fastest pace in 13 years, gas prices continue to skyrocket. Federal stay-at-home payments have given us a devastating labor shortage that has forced small businesses to turn customers away at a time when they can least afford to do so. Equally as harmful, socialist policies have produced a crisis at our southern border. Over one million illegal migrants have already been detained just a few months into the year — more than double the number for 2018 and a 20-year high.
In Republican-led states, though, the story is much different. The Washington Times reported that 18 of the top 20 states for jobs recovery since the pandemic have Republican-controlled legislatures. Fortunately, state Republicans have continued to push back against Democrats’ radical agenda. They are working to ensure policies that benefit the American people are still being implemented on the economy, schools, jobs, and community safety. --->READ MORE HERE
Republicans Introduce Bill Requiring States That Mandate Vaccine Passports to Also Implement Voter ID Laws:
Republican lawmakers on Thursday introduced the Vaccine Passport and Voter ID Harmonization Act, legislation that would require states mandating vaccine passports to also mandate voter ID requirements.
The Daily Caller News Foundation first obtained the text of the bill, introduced by Kevin Cramer of North Dakota in the Senate and Nancy Mace of South Carolina in the House, requiring “States and local jurisdictions that institute vaccine passports to require voter identification in Federal elections.”
“It makes no sense for Democrats to adamantly oppose commonsense Voter ID policies which protect the integrity of our elections,” Cramer said in a statement.
“If they’re comfortable making people show their private medical records to simply go to a restaurant, they should be fine having people prove they are who they say they are before they vote,” he continued.
“Our legislation shines a light on their hypocrisy.” --->READ MORE HERE
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