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Our Under-Incarceration Problem: More Criminals Should Be Behind Bars Today, NOT FEWER; Cities’ Refusal To Quickly Crack Down On Violent Crime Is Killing People, and related stories

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Our Under-Incarceration Problem:
Contrary to what you will hear in the mainstream media or on college campuses, the United States does not have an “over-incarceration problem”; it has an under-incarceration problem. Ill-conceived anti-prison policies rooted in platitudes, lies, and misleading statistics have unleashed thousands of criminals onto the streets. As a result, our nation is grappling with a de-incarceration crisis that is costing lives and eroding the rule of law.
Any honest discussion of incarceration levels must start with the acknowledgement that the majority of crimes committed in America are never reported or solved. In 2019, only 41 percent of violent crimes, 34 percent of sexual assaults, and 32 percent of property crimes were reported to the police. Of the crimes that are reported, only 61 percent of murders, 46 percent of violent crimes, 33 percent of rapes, 24 percent of arsons, and 14 percent of burglaries and auto thefts result in an arrest. Such low reporting and clearance rates ensure that any incarceration number flowing from them will be definitionally too small.
Convicted criminals also rarely serve most of their sentences. On average, state-prison inmates (who comprise the vast majority of the U.S. prison population) serve only 44 percent of their sentences. Murderers serve 58 percent, burglars serve 42 percent, and drug-traffickers serve only 40 percent of their sentences. This rampant dishonesty-in-sentencing is an insult to crime victims. It’s even more outrageous because many criminals already have artificially low sentences, thanks to sweetheart plea deals.
At the federal level, mandatory-minimum sentences have resulted in stronger and more enduring prison sentences. Recently, however, even these sentences are being eroded by retroactive sentencing reductions and new avenues for judges to skirt the mandatory-minimum requirements. The 2018 First Step Act, in particular, delivered the greatest blow to our federal criminal-justice system in recent memory. This jailbreak law unleashed thousands of gang members and drug traffickers back onto the streets and helped many career criminals avoid tough sentences. --->READ MORE HERE
Bedford: Cities’ Refusal To Quickly Crack Down On Violent Crime Is Killing People:
Federalist Senior Editor Christopher Bedford said leftist officials refusing to crack down on the spike in violent crime in American cities will inevitably lead to more suffering and harsher policing.
“This is getting out of control,” Bedford explained. “It’s spilling out of the poor neighborhoods. It’s spilling out of the places that are far outside where the white liberals and their allies, or whatever else you want to call them, live, and into the Nationals ballpark, and into attacking senators. It‘s out of control.”
If this upward trend in crime continues, Bedford noted, others, such as Former California Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer, who was assaulted and robbed in Oakland on Monday, will suffer.
“Thank God the senator is okay because she’s an 80-year-old woman now getting punched in the back and robbed. In the city of Oakland, you have carjackings up 90 percent, murders up 20 percent. And at the same time that the Biden administration sent $190 million to the city of Oakland to help it out, they cut $18 million from their police force. Their police chief is out there begging and saying, ‘I know these people who are being gunned down.’ The City Council called them speed bumps and just things that were going to get in the way.” --->READ MORE HERE
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