Sunday, August 29, 2021

Biden’s Twin Catastrophes Put U.S. in the Terrorists’ crosshairs; Biden’s Lies and Their Consequences in the Fall of Afghanistan

Illustration by Linas Garsys/The Washington Times
Biden’s twin catastrophes put U.S. in the terrorists’ crosshairs:
Will President Joe Biden’s matching calamities — in Afghanistan and at the US-Mexico border — merge into the mother of all epic fails? Cross your fingers, cross your toes, and hope otherwise.
Biden inherited from President Donald J. Trump a tough, terrorist-shredding nation at peace, through strength. Seven months later, Mr. Biden’s breathtakingly bungled Afghan retreat has imperiled some 15,000 Americans now trying to slip the Taliban’s toxic grip on Kabul Airport. Mr. Biden’s feeble, aloof fumbles have shriveled America into a paper kitten.
Meanwhile, “the Taliban has released thousands of prisoners from detention facilities, including the Pul-e-Charkhi prison in Kabul and at Bagram Air Base,” congressmen John Katko of New York, Texas’ Michael McCaul, and Alabama’s Mike Rogers wrote National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan last Tuesday. The ranking Republicans on, respectively, the U.S. House committees on Homeland Security, Foreign Affairs, and Armed Service added: “Prisoners reported to have been held in these detention facilities include thousands of Taliban fighters, senior Al-Qaeda operatives, Islamic State Afghanistan (ISKP) members, and former Guantanamo Bay detainees — all of whom pose serious concern to the security of the United States.”
Hard facts on this matter are elusive: Relevant documents tend to be secret. If declassified, they are heavily redacted or maddeningly dated.
Also, critics such as investigative journalist Andy Worthington argue that bitter rivals falsely accused some inmates, while innocents got vacuumed into custody with the guilty. Still, available details about these just-liberated terrorists and suspects should keep Americans sleepless in Seattle — and beyond. --->READ MORE HERE
Illustration by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times
Biden’s lies and their consequences in the fall of Afghanistan:
Will lead to the inevitable threat of terrorist attacks on our homeland
Americans can debate whether there was good reason to leave Afghanistan after 20 years, but what can’t be debated are the disastrous consequences of President Joe Biden’s precipitous pullout.
President Biden, we see you. When you look into the camera and say that everything is under control, that our allies aren’t angry with us, and that you trust the Taliban to let American citizens make their way safely to the Kabul airport to evacuate, we see you. When you say that no one saw this disaster coming and that you planned for every possible contingency, we see you. We know these are lies.
Even those in the media who had fawned all over you for the last seven months and glossed over your many mistakes at the southern border and elsewhere won’t cover for you anymore with Afghanistan. It’s so obviously bad that no amount of spinning or truth-denying can hide what’s actually going on.
You were chief among those who called our previous president a liar and claimed that you would be the standard-bearer of transparency as president. It’s time to take a look in the mirror.
You ignored the recommendations of military leaders, the intelligence community, and our NATO allies.
American citizens trapped inside Afghanistan have no assurances from our government that they will be safely evacuated as the Taliban surrounds the country’s only working airport. --->READ MORE HERE

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