Monday, August 9, 2021

Biden’s Assault on the Texas Border; Border Patrol Union Leader Slams Biden, Reveals 'Horrific' Situation Taking Place at Border; US Authorities Likely Encountered 210,000 Migrants Trying to Cross Border Illegally in July Alone, and related stories

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Biden’s assault on the Texas border:
President Biden refuses to fulfill his duty to secure the nation by safeguarding its southern border. With no other recourse, Texas has stepped into the breach to protect its citizens from entrants from foreign lands – many harmless but some infected with COVID-19. Federal authorities have pulled rank and attempted to leave Americans defenseless once again. It is, in the words of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, “a constitutional crisis.” Even more fundamentally, it is a crisis of common sense that Americans won’t abide by.
Texas has become the primary gateway for the surge of border-crossing migrants enticed north by the Biden administration’s open-border policies. Already this year, more than 1 million illegal crossings have been attempted, with most of them occurring in the Del Rio and Rio Grande Valley sectors of Texas.
Biden policy has essentially repurposed U.S. Customs and Border Protection as an ad hoc transit service to whisk new arrivals from the border to processing facilities. Watching his state forced to serve as a coronavirus transportation hub, Mr. Abbott responded last week by first calling for migrants picked up on Texas soil to be arrested for trespassing. Second, by ordering state troopers to block vehicles carrying illegals heading north and return them to the border. --->READ MORE HERE
Border Patrol Union Leader Slams Biden, Reveals 'Horrific' Situation Taking Place at Border:
National Border Patrol Council Vice President Art Del Cueto called the migrant surge across the southern border “horrific” in an interview Tuesday.
“I don’t care if you’re on the right side or the left side of the aisle. We all deserve to be safe in our homes,” he told Fox News.
“There should be no difference when it comes to our nation’s borders, and right now, it’s beyond chaotic, it’s horrific with these individuals that are coming across.”
Del Cueto was responding to the current situation at the border — in particular, the high number of apprehensions last month.
U.S. authorities apprehended about 210,000 migrants at the border in July, according to The Associated Press.
The number was up from 188,829 apprehended in June and the highest number of border apprehensions in over 20 years. --->READ MORE HERE
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