Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Biden Voters — Are You Tired Of Losing Yet?

AP Photo/Susan Walsh
Hey, Joe Biden voters, are you happy now?
Your boy Dementia Joe owns it all now — the catastrophe in Kabul, open borders, rampant inflation, skyrocketing urban crime, the destruction of American energy independence, endless nonsensical lockdowns over a mild virus that is killing almost no one, not to mention so many public misstatements by the doddering old clown that his own cabinet secretaries have to correct his insane lies even before he shuffles off to Marine One for the flight back to his weekend assisted-living facility in Delaware.
But no more mean tweets, right? And that’s all that matters, isn’t it?
Orange Man Bad used to ask, “Are you tired of winning yet?”
Dementia Joe, if he could still speak in coherent sentences, might sputter, “Are you tired of losing yet?”
After he was installed as president, Dementia Joe’s caregivers said of their Deep State foreign policy: America is Back. Surely they meant to say, “America is on its Back.”
Or maybe, America is Back on its Back, because this is a greater calamity than Barack Obama leading from behind — way behind. This is Jimmy Carter’s presidency on steroids, only worse, because at least Carter was trying, however ineptly, to do the right thing.
Dementia Joe, not so much.
Thanks, Joe Biden voters, for not being able to realize what Osama bin Laden did back in 2010, in a letter that was found in his personal effects after he was killed by the U.S. military (a raid Dementia Joe naturally opposed, because it was so obviously the right thing to do.)
Speculating about the prospect of a President Biden, bin Laden wrote:
“Biden is totally unprepared for that post, which will lead the US into a crisis.”
A terrorist knew it, 74 million Trump supporters knew it, but all those Biden voters (however many there actually were) apparently had no clue.
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