Thursday, August 26, 2021

Biden Proposes New Asylum System for Crossings at Mexico Border; Mayorkas Will Allow Woke DHS Officials to Grant Asylum at the Border

Biden proposes new asylum system for crossings at Mexico border:
In an effort to whittle down the number of outstanding asylum cases at the U.S.-Mexico border, the Biden administration presented a blueprint Wednesday for a new system to handle such claims.
Today these claims are directed automatically to the U.S. courts system managed by the Department of Justice. Amid an unprecedented backlog of roughly 1.3 million cases, however, asylum seekers are left waiting years to find out if the United States will let them stay even if an asylum officer from the Citizenship and Immigration Services arm of the Department of Homeland Security has determined that they demonstrated a “credible fear” of persecution if returned to their home country, but only for for certain factors such as race, religion or nationality.
Under the new system, immigration courts will only consider appeals from individuals who have been denied asylum, withholding of removal or other protections under the Convention Against Torture protections.
The Justice Department explained another change that expands the criteria used to determine who qualifies for parole before a credible-fear determination is made. While the existing rule covers medical emergencies and law enforcement objectives, the proposed rule says Homeland Security can also grant parole when “detention is unavailable or impracticable.” --->READ MORE HERE
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Mayorkas Will Allow Woke DHS Officials to Grant Asylum at the Border:
President Joe Biden’s deputies at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have drafted a rule to help woke agency officials give fast-track asylum and citizenship to economic migrants.
The rule would worsen “the current border disaster by all-but-ensuring that aliens who have entered illegally and claimed a fear of harm are released into the United States,” said Andrew Arthur, a former immigration judge who now works with the Center for Immigration Studies.
By ensuring “catch and release” becomes the norm for economic migrants, it allows cartels and coyotes to profitably and easily deliver their indebted clients into U.S. jobs. So the rule would supercharge the nationwide wage theft suffered by blue collar Americans when employers can hire lower wage illegal migrants.
“Under this plan, pro-illegal bureaucrats just freely hand out asylum [approvals] at the border,” said an August 19 tweet from Stephen Miller, a former top aide to President Donald Trump. “Biden’s new proposed reg would effectively turn our border into a citizenship factory for illegals,” he added.
The draft regulation spotlights the administration’s determined, multiple, and overlapping efforts to expand the massive inflow of legal and illegal migrants into Americans’ workplaces and housing markets — despite the clear limits in U.S. law. In 2021, for example, Biden’s deputies are likely to accept almost one new migrant for every two infants born in the United States. --->READ MORE HERE

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