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Biden Contradicted by Pentagon on Claims al Qaeda ‘gone’ and Taliban Letting Americans Reach Kabul Airport; REALITY: Fleeing Americans Beaten; Taliban Seizing Afghan-American’s US Passports, and related stories

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Biden contradicted by Pentagon on claims al Qaeda ‘gone’ and Taliban letting Americans reach Kabul airport:
President Biden on Friday claimed that al Qaeda is “gone” from Afghanistan, allies aren’t upset about the chaotic US pullout and the Taliban is letting Americans reach Kabul’s airport, before Pentagon leaders quickly contradicted the commander in chief.
Biden stumbled repeatedly when taking his first questions from reporters on Afghanistan’s fall to the Taliban in the White House East Room five days after the Islamic fundamentalist group swept into the Afghan capital, toppling US-backed leaders after 20 years of war.The president repeatedly spoke inaccurately about facts around the evacuation of US citizens from the airport — saying that US citizens can reach the airport before clarifying that the Taliban is allowing Americans to pass but crowds are impeding them. But the Pentagon said Friday afternoon it’s heard the Taliban is actually stopping Americans.
Biden said in his remarks that 169 Americans “got over the wall into the airport using military assets.” Reuters later reported that those US citizens were loaded onto three Chinook helicopters from the Baron Hotel, just 200 meters from the airport. They reportedly were unable to reach the airport gates, casting further doubt on Biden’s claim that the airport was accessible.
Journalists and Biden’s own subordinates disputed his remarks on the situation in Afghanistan. --->READ MORE HERE
Fleeing Americans beaten by Taliban in Kabul, Pentagon chief tells Congress:
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told members of Congress on a conference call Friday that Americans attempting to evacuate Afghanistan have been beaten by the Taliban, directly contradicting President Biden’s assertion that U.S. citizens were not being blocked from the airport, two lawmakers told The Post.
Striking a decidedly more concerned tone than the commander in chief, Austin called the abuse of Americans at the hands of the Taliban “unacceptable” as lawmakers sought answers on how the Biden Administration is attempting to get U.S. citizens and allies out of the country.
“Within 30 minutes of Biden saying it publicly, the Secretary of Defense directly contradicted him,” one senior GOP lawmaker told The Post.
Following the call with Austin, as well as Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley, multiple GOP lawmakers said the briefing did little to quell their concerns about the safety of Americans and Afghan allies, with critics arguing they received conflicting information and few details on a viable plan to evacuate citizens from the country as the situation continues to deteriorate. --->READ MORE HERE
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