Monday, August 30, 2021

Biden, Afghanistan and China; China Warns America Not to Sanction the Taliban; China Eyes Afghanistan’s $1 Trillion of Minerals, and related stories

Biden, Afghanistan and China:
No matter what else he might do, Joe Biden will be remembered forever for inciting the United States' chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, abandoning American civilians who remain trapped there and displaying utter contempt for American soldiers who have died in Afghanistan. And he will also, of course, always be associated with facilitating the barbaric suicide bombing in Kabul yesterday.
It all begs the question: Why would a veteran of nearly five decades in Washington, a former Senator and vice president, risk destroying his own legacy?
Perhaps Americans need to consider that Biden's decisions reflect his and his family's previous dealings with China, which views the United States as its main competition for world dominance.
FrontPage Magazine explored China's possible interference in November's Presidential election in "Beijing Is Called For Biden," China's clandestine support for Black Lives Matter in "Beijing's Lies Matter" and COVID-19's role as a potential bioweapon in "China Virus, Indeed." --->READ MORE HERE
Afghanistan: China Warns America Not to Sanction the Taliban:
Multiple senior Chinese officials warned on Tuesday against any proposed “wanton sanctions” on the Taliban, a jihadist terrorist organization, by the United States in the aftermath of the group’s takeover of Afghanistan.
The warning comes as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), among other international institutions, freeze funding to Afghanistan in light of the Taliban’s return to power – expressing both human rights concerns and confusion regarding who is currently serving as head of state of the country. The Taliban leadership has not appointed a head of state or announced the installation of any individuals as actual leaders of the country at press time.
The Taliban became the de facto national government of Afghanistan after ex-President Ashraf Ghani fled Kabul, the capital, on August 15. Taliban jihadists had surrounded Kabul hours earlier but not yet entered the city. Following Ghani’s flight, Taliban leaders announced the country would rebrand as the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” and the Taliban would build a full government apparatus to replace the fallen republic as soon as possible.
Taliban leaders have spent much of the past year courting support from China, which borders Afghanistan is and America’s top geopolitical rival. Taliban spokesmen have enthusiastically expressed interest in having the Communist Party import its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – a global infrastructure plan that forces poor countries into unpayable, high-interest debts – to Afghanistan as soon as possible. In exchange for overtures from the radical Islamist group’s leaders, China has refrained from condemning their violent conquest of the country and has bizarrely referred to the siege as the will of the Afghan people. --->READ MORE HERE
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