Friday, July 30, 2021

While California Turns Muggings Into Misdemeanors, Driving Over a BLM Mural is a Felony, Santa Cruz: Police Arrest Two Suspects Linked to BLM Mural Vandalism

While California Turns Muggings Into Misdemeanors, Driving Over a BLM Mural is a Felony:
No, Democrats don't really want to defund the police. What they want to do is replace a justice system that protects people from violent crime with one that punishes them for political dissent while treating criminals as martyrs and heroes.
That's Black Lives Matter in a nutshell.
Senate Bill 82 in California is moving to legalize muggings by treating them as misdemeanors as long as the mugger doesn't steal over $950 and no one was too badly hurt by the mugger.
Meanwhile, this is what happens when you drive over the big ugly yellow BLM sign painted on the street. --->READ MORE HERE
Santa Cruz: Police arrest two suspects linked to BLM mural vandalism:
Two male suspects have been arrested on felony counts in connection with the alleged vandalism of a Black Lives Matter mural painted on a street in Santa Cruz, investigators said Saturday night.
Vehicle tread marks had defaced the street mural in the seaside town in an incident Friday night.
Brandon Bochat, 20, of Santa Cruz, and Hagan Warner, 19, of Boulder Creek, were arrested in connection with the defacing of the street mural, police said.
The mural is at 800 Center St. in Santa Cruz, police said.
“Responding officers located the damaged mural, which consisted of vehicle tread marks across the painting,” according to a police statement. --->READ MORE HERE

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